Programmatic Ad Buying

Programmatic ad buying has been growing over the years as millennials become more active on the internet. According to eMarketer, programmatic ad buying will be worth over US$ 25 billion in the next two years. With marketing becoming so sharply focused, branding will need to be reinvented. Customized packages and communication are becoming the order of the day.

Programmatic ad buying today focuses on personalized creativity with an emphasis on video and targeted narratives. You need to match a particular narrative and creative to hundreds of different audience segments that have been created for your brand. Each narrative matches a particular buyer persona for better conversion rates.

Programmatic Ad Buying for Brand Marketing

Programmatic Ad Buying

Critics often say that brand building is not possible through programmatic solutions. They point out that it may be great for direct response marketing, but there are a plethora of options for brand building and communication. All it requires are the right creatives.

Brand building through real-time responsiveness

Programmatic ad buying enables brands to tailor the right message for the right response at the right time. If a target is shopping for clothes and needs to run to the grocery store, then the fashion brand can reach the target through a smartphone with a quick view or a discount. A large number of scenarios keep emerging around the world and brands get granular with the approach to reach individuals with tailored responses. It leads to positive familiarity. In fact, 63% of the consumer-packaged goods depend on programmatic ads to reach out to their customers.

Creative focused on video

What determines the success of an ad today? Number one is the accessibility to multiple screens, and number two is the engagement with the customer. For example, 3D games and videos create a memorable and unique experience for the viewers and help them to actively engage with the brand.

Oreo is one brand that used social media like Twitter to create a memorable experience during the Super Bowl of 2013. Nike captures the football frenzy of the World Cup with timely 3D images and captions, which fans could use on all devices after every match.

A great brand is synonymous with great customer experience. Today, that is possible to achieve through brand engagement with effective calls to action. The regular advertisement is just spraying and praying that it hits the mark. One in a million creates a memorable copy. But with programmatic ad buying, you can develop customized creatives, which actually engage people, giving a lift to the brand.

Branding on multiple platforms

A smart creative, video narrative and call to action can help make customer experience exceptional. It offers better functionality, flexibility, and a real impact when followed up with a direct response like a discount coupon or some other incentive. This brings to the store your targets, who become better-engaged leads that can be approached assuredly.

Capture the energy and excitement

Real-time buying helps to capture the energy and excitement of the present, and it is timely. Brands today offer mobile and multiple media-rich experiences to engage customers on the go. Through programmatic ad buying, it is possible to assess inventory and measure the return on investment periodically. This helps to fine-tune customer experience with immediate effect for heightened excitement and engagement.

Advertising is not a one-way street. Brand building can happen only by engaging customers across multiple media and platforms. Programmatic ad buying fulfills its promise of reaching out to customers in a timely, and engaging way.



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