Proper planning is always needed for starting any new process rather than to be disappointed later from your own mistakes. The same formula applies to select an ideal tool for Lotus Notes to Outlook PST conversion i.e. NSF to PST Conversion Tool. Lotus Notes provides high-level data security but it is equipped with distinctive technicalities because of that a person without the technical background cannot use it handily.

NSF to PST Conversion tool

NSF to PST Conversion Tool

Lotus Notes is developed by IBM® and it is highly optimized for those who want to shield their data from unauthorized access. Because of its tough to use behavior organizations those are following this application need to train all employees to use it else the employees cannot use this secure email client flawlessly.

Also to use such email client requires lots of financial stability. Lotus Notes is a costly email client; every small or mid-level organization cannot go for it. Its installation and maintenance cost both are so high.

All the above-mentioned reasons indirectly raise the need of NSF to PST converter tool. With the help of that tool, users can easily migrate from Lotus Notes to Outlook.


There is one default function as well for such conversion named Outlook 2002 Connector. It is an inbuilt utility for NSF to PST migration that is specially manufactured to convert Lotus Notes data into Outlook PST files. But, it is not completely secure and can be the reason of data loss from Lotus Notes files. On forums, we have traced many complaints regarding data alteration (alteration in Contents, body date, and many other elements of Lotus Notes) after using the Outlook 2002 Connector. After tracing such drawbacks it is much better, not to use this utility and prefer other secure methods.

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To perform NSF to PST conversion one should always go for the professional approach such as Stellar NSF to PST converter. It is a simple, advanced and reliable solution that will not change any original attribute of NSF files.

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