One day you may realize that someone has withdrawn money from your credit card, someone who is located in another part of the world. Sounds not really nice and that is how does phishing work. Do you know what is phishing and how to prevent phishing scams/attacks?

According to the Canadian website “Get Cyber Safe”, about 156 millions of phishing emails are sent every day and about 80,000 users fall for a scam and share their personal details daily. Another part of Phishing tricks comes from social networks and pop-up ads. These can lead you to money loss and leakage of your personal information. There are different types of phishing scams.

Avoid being phished

The main tip is to be more attentive all the time while using the Internet. You may say I’m always attentive, but I listed the tips that will help you understand what I mean.

Learn the spear phishing definition.

How to Prevent Phishing Attacks?

#1 Do not open emails from unrecognized senders. If you opened such an email, don’t follow any links. Phishing via email is a typical way of information theft by phishers.

#2 Protect your Mac with third-party apps. According to Top 10 Reviews, the best security software for Mac is MacKeeper from Kromtech and Symantec for PC.

#3 Always log out of your account and refresh the passwords regularly. This is the first thing which the phishers are looking for.

#4 When considering online payments and online transactions, make sure that the website is secure. Take a look at the lock icon in the browser’s status bar or an “https:” URL.

#5 Never email your personal information, even if you know the recipient well. Your personal or financial information can be stolen during the delivery process. Or else, you will never know who may get access to your account.

#6 As I mentioned above, avoid the pop-up ads and other pages that are asking you to click the link. You may see these websites with the promotion of online games or other content. To enable the pop-up blocker, go to Safari Preferences > Security, and then select the “Block pop-up windows” checkbox.

Block popup windows

#7 Always check your online banking accounts and in case of any doubtful activity do not hesitate to report to the bank.

It was all about how to prevent phishing scams.



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