By now we are all aware of Ransomware. In case, you are not, here’s a brief recap. It is the dreaded virus that locks users out of their precious data. Such is its viciousness and programming, that it even managed to breach Mac’s security. In 2016 alone, Ransomware attacks have gone from bad to worse. It has simple mechanism: Hijack Data. Lock User Out. Ask for a hideous ransom. If they don’t pay up, make their data public or simply keep it out of the user’s reach.

That’s ransomware in a nutshell. Now the thing about ransomware is that it keeps evolving at a break-neck speed. There are 100s of strains and a standard anti-virus can’t contain them. To beat Ransomware, one has go the good old way: Prevention is better than cure. In this case the prevention being DATA BACKUP and the cure being BANK BALANCE BECOMING FEW HUNDRED $$ SHORT!

Right Backup Cloud Storage

You surely prefer Prevention. Don’t you now?

Right Backup for Mac OS

Right Backup is decidedly one of the best cloud storage apps -‘prevention’ if you prefer- you’ll get against data theft and/or loss. Let’s give you the basics first then.


All you need to do is get the Mac PC backup software or app on your device. Next, sign up for an online file storage account. The trial version comes with 100 MB space. Right Backup will keep uploading all your data files- viz. photos, videos, texts, audios, and sundry other things – to your account. It is hosted on secure remote cloud server and uses SSL Encryption. So all your Mac PC backed up data would be super safe. You can upgrade your account to the paid version to get Unlimited Storage. Not many apps offer that.

Right Backup Mac OS


Auto Backup

Right Backup comes with an auto 12-hour scheduler. So your data gets secure cloud storage every 12 hours. If you don’t want frequent backups, then you can also manage the settings according to your preference. You can even exclude files/folders that you don’t want to backup.

Right Backup Mac OS Schedule

Unlimited Secure Storage

Right Backup makes unlimited cloud data storage secure and extremely affordable. You can also synchronize external devices with your Right Backup account as well.

Right Backup Mac OS Storage

Easy file Sharing

With Right Backup you can easily share your documents, photos, music, and more with only those you want. Your audience will be exclusive and customized.

Quick Restoration

Right Backup is one of the best online backup solutions provider. It has a ‘Smart Restore’ option that lets you restore selective folders quickly. It also has a ‘Customize Restore’ option that lets you restore the files you want to manually. So you get to restore file versions of your choice any time you want.

Right Backup Mac OS Restore

Overall, Right Backup is definitely one of the best ways to keep your data safe and secure.

Right BackUp Anywhere is also available for Windows, iOS and Android. This is fully compatible with Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, & XP (32 & 64 bit) and Mac OSX 10.7+, iPhone, iPad and Android.

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