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Google Blogger aka Blogspot is providing you a nice and very important option to add post search description but it must be related to your blog post. The post search description is important for both search engine bots and readers.  It’s a good opportunity for your blog. But if do not aware how to add blog post search description then read our tutorial.

Before 2012 it was not possible to add post search description on Blogger/Blogspot because there was no option available. At that time a few experts shared some tricks to add meta description to a blog post. But the majority of newbies in the blogging world were not able to implement it correctly.

Mid of the year 2012 was the time when Blogger tested and introduced this feature. Post search description is an SEO friendly thing. But it does not guarantee to reach on the 1st page of Google search. Only when search engine bots understand your content is unique, original and value-added then it can rank in top positions.

Post Search Description in Google Blogger Blogspot

If you are thinking what is the post search description and its benefits. Then there is a pictorial answer. The post search description is a summary of the post that appears in search results. Its benefit is that the post summary can be read by search engine bots and searchers. See the example below:

Search Description for blog post
Search Description for a blog post

Add Post Search Description on Blogger/Blogspot

1. When you’re creating a post, look at the right sidebar, there you’ll find the Search Description option as shown below:

Add search description to blog post
Add search description to a blog post

2. After clicking on that a box for typing search description will appear.

3. Write the post summary near about 150 words and click on Done button.

Not found Post Search Description Box?

If you’re are unable to see an option to add Search Description while using Post Editor then you should complete the following steps to enable it for future posts.

Add Blog search description
Add a Blog search description

Merits of Search Description

1. It appears when you share a post on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin or anywhere. How? See the example below:

Search description for Facebook and Google plus
Search description for Facebook and Google plus

2. The blog will get more organic search traffic.

3. More organic traffic means more readers.

4. More readers mean higher earnings from AdSense or other monetization programs.

I believe you’ll find this post useful and guide you to get more traffic from each post. Don’t forget to share your views.

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  1. Nice information . I was not using this info probably I will start using this function now .

  2. Finally after going through many articles, yours have actually help me understand. Still i have a small doubt. Should I write the search description for each post in a paragraph or words separated by commas?

    For Example in my food blog if I write a post on ‘ chicken fry’, the search description box should be as

    1) an easy way to make chicken fry or

    2) chicken fry, chicken, fry

    Any help would be appreciated.


    • 140 character long description is better. It’s just the summary of your post. In your example 1st is correct.

  3. It’s good that you have this post.
    It’s really important to put search descriptions in every posts and pages of a blog because it is where we could insert focused keywords in our contents.
    It’s good that every blogspot bloggers follow this tips.


  4. OMG i wondered why one of my blogs had the search description box in post page and my other better blog using blogger didn’t was doing my head in for ages and i gave up hope of finding out how to fix it till today i found your blog and bam there was the info i needed. Thank you so much helped me out greatly.

  5. Hi, I have added the below code. Meta title and description are showing for all pages and post, but not showing properly only for the Homepage. Something different is appearing, What I had written in past. I saw in the source page:

    But I had written it previously, a new one added.

    <!– Meta Description –>

    Can You help me, Is there anything wrong?



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