Should I Buy A Portable Generator? – Top 7 Reasons

Electricity is not a luxury, but a necessity. After all, it is electricity that drives close to everything under the sun—from the electrical appliances to meet our domestic needs to the big heavy-duty machinery in factories. When power cuts happen for a long and unpredictable duration, it is generators that come to our rescue; to top that, if you have portable generators, then you can even avail the benefits of an uninterrupted supply of electricity wherever you go.

You can have your power backup ready to meet any contingency with a portable generator. For instance, in the event of a natural disaster, when the power supplies of entire towns are cut, portable generators can provide you with electricity and some much-needed respite. These generators of electricity are incredibly reliable and versatile. They can be used to charge mobile phones, tablets, laptops, et al. besides powering essential electrical appliances such as refrigerators, fans, and tube lights.

Should I buy a portable generator

Given below are a few reasons to buy a portable generator for your home or office –

Should I Buy A Portable Generator?

1. To tackle emergencies

Natural disasters strike when we least expect them to; they, more often than not, catch us unprepared. It is essential to have a running supply of electricity to keep your refrigerator working, to have a lit room to stay in at night and to keep mobile devices charged to connect to the outside world, in the event of a natural calamity such as a hurricane, a tornado, an earthquake. Portable generators are well equipped to do all the tasks above because they have ports that allow USB points to be plugged in and charged easily.

2. For day to day usage

Portable generators can also be used daily for regular purposes. You could plug in your electric car using the generator when you are outdoors. Keeping the generator with you will make sure you are stranded in the middle of nowhere when your car battery runs out entirely. These generators are convenient in case of power failures—you could use them to keep yourself cool on a hot summer day or keep your food items from becoming stale by powering your refrigerators on. Specific individuals and patients with breathing problems might need a room air conditioner in earnest throughout the day; the generator can be used to power the air conditioner for such patients.

3. To tackle power blackouts

Power blackouts are not a rare phenomenon in our country. A small portable electric generator is just what you need to last you anywhere between an hour to four-to-six hour-long supply of electricity. In case of grid failures that take hours or entire days to mend, portable generators are nothing short of a boon to people.

4. For outdoor activities

Portable generators are perfect for powering any gathering that you may decide to have in your backyard, your garden, or your terrace for the lack of space in your house to enjoy the weather or for any other reason. From lighting up that pedestal, food table, and furniture to lighting the walls and garden hedges, the portable generators can do it all. They can also power your sound systems and projectors with ease.

5. For camping

Trekkers and hikers are always on the move. They love to spend their time outdoors, lost in the wilderness for days on end. A portable generator could serve nature lovers and campers well by providing them with the much-needed electricity in the middle of nowhere—from lighting campsites to charging their phones and cameras. Lighting campsites are essential not just for keeping the dark away or being able to see things at night, but also for keeping wild animals at bay. A portable electric generator could also be used in your cabin in the woods for you to make coffee using your coffee maker, power your electric stove, among other things.

6. For small-scale businesses & manufacturing sites

At any construction site, the presence of electricity is a must and indispensable to power earth-moving machinery and small tools alike! A power outage could wreak havoc on the manufacturing company’s yield per day, causing irreparable financial losses. A portable generator could serve the purpose and provide the site with adequate power backup to keep its machinery up and running and production flowing smooth and unhindered. Similarly, small-scale businesses could use portable generators to make sure the systems of the employees are always running even in the event of an uncalled-for power failure, and the servers storing crucial information are still powered on.

Should I Buy A Portable Generator

7. For people living in remote areas

People living in remote areas are very vulnerable to facing constant power cuts and absolute blackouts. These less-accessible places are even hard for linemen to reach to make repairs. Thus, portable generators can save the day and provide people with uninterrupted power backup for them to keep performing their day-to-day activities without any hindrances.

Even though portable generators are mostly the same, they may differ in their features and quality from brand to brand. You could choose from generators powered by a range of fuels—from petrol type portable generators, diesel type portable generators, and petrol + LPG type portable generators to only LPG type generators. Gas Tech and Honda are names to reckon with when it comes to producing suitable quality portable generators of electricity.

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