Smart phones are in high demand now-a-days. People look for variety of features and designs in the smart phones. However, it’s not only about the designs and features of the smart phones are in demand, but the apps as well. Therefore, we have come up with seven best iPhone 5 apps available on the App Store. Let’s look at all one-by-one:

iPhone 5 popular apps


1. Mailbox:

mailbox iphone 5

It has been recently acquired by Dropbox and hence, it is now equipped with seemingly greater server. The Mailbox clears your email in tray. This can be done swiping right to archive the message and is even done by swiping left to deal with the message at a point in the future. You can even put off the message to ‘later today’, ‘this evening’, and ‘tomorrow, this weekend ’,‘ next week, ‘in a month’ or ‘someday’, where it will once more darken your Mailbox. You can reply or forward the messages in a normal manner or can be sent to lists such as ‘To Buy’ or ‘To Read’. However, presently the Mailbox works with only Gmail accounts.

2. DailySpank:

iphone 5 spank

DailySpank is an iPhone photography competition, in which you can submit photos on the theme of the day. The recent instances include, ‘take a photo of something you’re wearing’, ‘take a photo of something exotic’ and ‘take a photo of what’s on your shelf’. The photo which gets the maximum Spanks or votes, rise to the top.

3. Adobe Photoshop Touch:

abode photoshop touch iphone 5

It was introduced first on the iPad and Android tablets last year. Introducing now on the iPhone 5, it has come up with more editing power than any other iOS photo app. It has got excellent range of special effects filters. Moreover, the ability to swipe to adjust the colour and the intensity of filters is more than the Instagram.

4. Bump:

bump iphone 5

With Bump, you can send files to other smart phones and laptops by physically bumping them together. Almost all the app’s features are designed such that two phones are collided together to swap files. It is one of the best means to transfer the files from iPhone 5 to your laptop. That means, you can transfer photos, music, videos and documents from iPhone 5 to laptop and vice versa.

5. Strava:

strava iphone 5

Strava will turn your smart phone into fully-fledged sports PC. With it, one can record the runs or rides of bike with speed; distance covered and estimated calorie consumption. These results are uploaded automatically to one’s personal account and would even be plotted on the Google Maps. It is useful when it comes to tracking one’s performance.

6. W.E.L.D.E.R.:

welder iphone 5

It is a word game which is something unique. This is an industrial game where you have to weld the words from a grid of letters. Here, you have to make the words by swapping adjacent letters in the grid and they all have to come in the correct order. However, you have limited number of swaps available to do it. If you hit the point’s target, you will get more swaps.

7. CloudMagic:

cloudmagic iphone 5

It acts as a hug for Facebook, email, Twitter, contacts, Google Docs, Dropbox, Evernote and more. It also shows overview of recent activity so that you can do everything speedily.