A common question among prospective online poker players involves where exactly they should begin. Should they start with intense strategy lessons? Jump right onto the virtual felt and begin playing against others? Well, these are certainly valid options, but if you truly want to begin the right way, then you should visit a site of the poker affiliates. This being said, let’s discuss why poker affiliates like PokerStop, PokerNews, and Bluff are the best places to start.

Why Poker Affiliates?

1. You get the Best Sign up Bonuses here

The average player goes directly to a poker site, signs up and makes a deposit. And there certainly doesn’t seem to be anything wrong with this because you’ll be getting a signup bonus regardless. However, what many beginners don’t realize is that they can usually get a better signup deal through one of the poker site’s affiliates. The reason why is because online poker rooms give affiliates permission to offer better deals, in exchange for promoting them. But the only thing you need to worry about here is that you’ll either get more potential bonus money or even cash upfront by going through an affiliate instead.

2. You can read Reviews

Every player wants to know where the best poker sites are. But it’s kind of hard to figure this out if you’re doing all of the work yourself. And this is where affiliates can be extremely helpful because they offer poker reviews of different sites. Read these and you’ll quickly find out about a site’s reputability, software, bonuses, promotions and player competition. Moreover, you’ll have a shortcut towards picking one of the top poker rooms. So if you use a poker site for nothing else, then it should be for the extensive reviews that they offer.

3. News and Strategy

Another thing that poker affiliates are good for is providing news and strategy. The latter is certainly great for players who are just starting out in the game and need some poker strategy to hang with more experienced players. News can be helpful on two fronts, with one being entertainment and the other being that you can keep track of promotions. This is certainly nice because it helps you avoid having to visit a poker site(s) frequently just to see what their latest promotions are. Again, this is just another way that poker affiliates save players time and help out with chances to win free money.