The gaming technology is becoming serious and more powerful with every passing year. From the basic program based coded games to today’s modern world 3D action packed and close to reality games, we have come a lot too far with gaming. No one thought that the gaming world has so much potential before the giants like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft took the stakes and made a gaming industry, which is completely next level and now beyond competition. The two giants of gaming now own the monopoly and responsibility to make the gaming industry rise up a notch with every year, like PlayStation 4 or Blue-Ray Player.

Playstation 4 system

PlayStation 4 system over a Blue-ray player

When we talk about the gaming giants, it will be unfair to mention both Microsoft and Sony within the same article of limited words as both offer a lot of promise and their own strengths to its loyal fans. This is why today’s article will only be limited to Sony. The recently released Sony PlayStation 4 if you are not aware of, which may be utterly surprising, has created waves already. Even through the gaming beast is still in its early stages, we have already seen the gaming level going to a completely different level and more investment from top gaming titles is now being made available. We will now mention four reasons why you should be adapting to this part of the world and buying a PlayStation 4 like technology for your entertainment. This way you save up your cost as well, by buying something that caters to every department.

Entertainment in one box

If you think that PlayStation 4 is just gaming, then think again. Sony’s aim to develop a beast that can cater to all the entertainment needs is now finally complete. This beauty is a proper entertainment platform featuring everything you can possibly imagine. From Netflix to streaming your favorite shows, to social media applications and 3D gaming or movies, you can have just about anything you like. Getting this device means you have everything under one roof. No need to buy separate music or blue ray players.

High end technology

If gaming could ever become so close to the movies and reality, then this is it. The kind of games and investment you are seeing already and more to come, are out of this world. Billions of dollars are being invested to create multiple titles across all genres for the PlayStation 4. The powerful mechanics within the system can produce picture quality and experience much better than a movie itself. Soon you will see thousands of people flowing into this storm of ultimate gaming.

Property and exclusive content

When you buy the PlayStation 4, the Sony Company will give you a flair of its supremacy and premium ownership. Through its multiple exclusive gaming titles only made and available for Sony PlayStation 4, you will be able to enjoy something that others simply cannot.

Netflix and Internet

PlayStation 4 offers you tremendous connectivity options with its various messengers and social media applications. You can connect with your friends, play games with them and share your achievements through amazingly integrated internet and online system. You can also connect with Netflix and watch your favorite programs.

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