A photocopier is an essential tool for any company. So most of business look for photocopier service for their office work. It is widely used in all sectors whether these are regular offices, educational institutions or commercial establishments. A photocopier needs electricity to work with and has a cylindrical drum on which a coating of photo conductive material is electro statically charged by high voltage. A bright lamp in the machine then illuminates the document and the reflection of text starts showing on the paper. The text is then finalized using a toner which has dry ink positively charged and stick to the image which is negatively charged. Finally, with heat, the ink is melted using pressure rollers. There are wide ranges of photocopiers available these days from regular to colored and digital ones. The digital photocopiers can copy the texts stored in the memory and hence are very useful for commercial purposes.

Photocopier Service

Photocopier Service

Few basic points to be considered when choosing a photocopier are –

  1. Determine the volume of copies which will be required per day.
  2. One should also keep in mind the future requirements as and when the business grows.
  3. It is always beneficial to opt for a high end model in first place rather than facing performance and maintenance issues at later stages. Since replacing them repeatedly only add to the cost of the company, it is better to purchase a good and efficient model.

Types of Photocopier

Some common forms of Photocopiers are as follows –

  1. Analog– These are the oldest form of copiers and are rarely used these days. They use mirrors, lenses and lights to reflect the image of the document that is placed inside the machine on a photo receptor.
  2. Digital– They are multi-purpose devices which can print, scan, fax apart from making copies of the documents. They make daily processing easy due to their capacity to handle large volumes at a time. One can simply use the office network and can opt for scan to email function. Customized software on document management can also be installed on them.
  3. Mono– As the name suggests these copiers use only single ink color i.e. black and are specifically used in offices. These are available in various capacities and one can choose according to the volume of work.
  4. Color– Apart from colored copies they also have an option for black and white copies to be done. Colors such as yellow, magenta, black and Cyan is used most commonly in these copiers.
  5. Desktop– These are compact copiers and are typically used for printing on A4 sheets of papers.

These photocopier machines face regular wear and tear over the period of time and to maintain them, photocopier service and repair specialists can be hired.

Photocopier Repair Specialist

Common Issues with Photocopier Machines

Below mentioned are some common issues which are faced by users while using the photocopier machines.

  1. Paper Jam – This is the most common problem and this can happen in case incorrect size or type of paper is used or if the supply reservoir is stacked with too many pages.
  2. Ink Guzzlers– One has to regularly check the status of ink level since employees sometimes tend to use dark or colored copying options more frequently, and hence resulting in out of ink issues.
  3. Overheating– This can happen due to over usage or a faulty piece in the machine. Therefore, one should keep a check on the warning messages displayed.

Here, the photocopier service and repair specialists can play an important role for regular upkeep and proper functioning of these sensitive devices. Since they are well versed and trained on all type of error codes, it is always beneficial to hire them. They can help from installing, configuring, changing of toner cartridges, checking network issues to all kind of maintenance and repair work required in the machines