PhoneJoy’s Controller: PhoneJoy is a compact game controller that converts your smartphone into a portable gaming console. Compatible with Android, iPad, and iPhone, this sleek gamepad will bring back some really good memories. If you enjoyed playing games on the Sony PlayStation Vita, then you’ll adore PhoneJoy, too. The game controller allows players to try out some of the most common gaming apps currently available for tablets, PCs, OUYA, and iCade. It comes with actual, physical controls, and thanks to the EasySlider expansion mechanism, your device will always be safe.

PhoneJoy’s Controller: A Successful Kickstarter Project

Back in 2013, PhoneJoy was just a Kickstarter project that looked promising. The campaign to raise money and place the device into production was fully funded at the beginning of last year, and we’re finally seeing it live and running. PhoneJoy has hand-centered balance and it’s excellent for long-term gaming. All the controls that you need are right there, in front of you.

There’s an app you need to download from the iOS or Android market in order to make the device fully functional. As soon as you’ve done that, you can start playing your favorite games and enjoy hours of sleep gaming directly from your smartphone. Level-up the way you play games on mobile, and let PhoneJoy remind you of how amazing portable gamepads used to be.

PhoneJoy fits like a glove almost any type of smartphone, whether in landscape or portrait mode. The ingenious EasySlider mechanism is adjustable and molds perfectly after your preferred device.

phoneJoy bluetooth game controller

PhoneJoy – a pioneering comfortable, high-performance gadget

PhoneJoy gets attached to your phone. It’s beautiful contours and strategically-placed buttons make the device fit perfectly in your hands. Furthermore, during a game you’ll have immediate access to the buttons and thanks to the comfortable ergonomics; you’ll learn to master the commands in a couple of minutes.

Are you ready to take hardcore gaming on the go? Featuring a complete set of console-style controls such as front action buttons, L1/R1, D-pad, as well as analog thumbsticks centered on low-latency performance, PhoneJoy is extremely precise. Playing games on your iPhone have never been easier!

Built by avid gamers, for avid games, PhoneJoy is the kind of gaming device that takes gaming to a whole new level. With over 400 games on both iOS and Android compatible with PhoneJoy, you’ll certainly find it useful and fun to operate. The future of gaming is on a mobile, and soon enough the world’s most challenging video games will eventually be available on smartphones and tablets. When that will happen, PhoneJoy will be right there for you to help you enjoy the experience even more.

The portable, slick design of PhoneJoy fits perfectly in a bag or pocket. You can take it with you everywhere you, and if you’re bored all you need to do it connect it to your Bluetooth and start playing.

High tech features

PhoneJoy is the only gamepad controller that works with the EasySlider mechanism. The technology is patented, so you’ll never see it on any other similar gadget. Designed to keep your iPhone secure and stable, the EasySlider adapts perfectly to the shape of your phone. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an iPhone though; PhoneJoy works with all kinds of devices in all shapes and sizes.

The overall design and quality of PhoneJoy are top-notch. Currently, there’s nothing quite like PhoneJoy on the market, which means many gamers will be more than curious to try it out. For the average type of Android or iOS user looking to play his favorite games on a hand-held controller, investing $70 in this sleek gizmo is a lot more affordable than purchasing a portable gaming console.