PDF Converter Elite – With so many new, interesting and productivity-boosting tools on the web market, our computers, and mobile devices are becoming packed with software. We constantly need more space and more time to organize everything that we download or bookmark.

That is why we should be selective about software that we need for our business and private purposes. For example, for people who work with electronic documents on a frequent basis, juggling several PDF conversion tools, whether online or desktop, is pretty tiresome and unproductive. It is far better to find comprehensive professional software that encompasses all features a PDF user will ever need.

PDF Converter Elite

Hence, the PDF Converter Elite that comes equipped with the most advanced PDF management features and costs only a fraction of the popular Adobe’s price, while providing equally reliable and quality service.

How to Use PDF Converter Elite?

Among the tool’s most used services are creating new PDF files, converting PDFs into editable formats, performing OCR conversion and editing PDFs. Software developers and designers took special care to create a product that will be easily usable by everyone, from tech-savvy business professionals to amateur users in love with new technology.

1. Create PDFs with PDF Converter Elite

Creating new PDFs using PDF Converter Elite is as easy as clicking on a few buttons.

To start, open the tool and click on the Create tab in the menu bar.

pic 1

You’ll see a dynamic sidebar on the right where you can click on the Browse tab and find a document you want to turn into PDF.

pic 2

You’ll also find a set of different options in this bar that you can use at your convenience. For example, if you want to secure your PDF document, you can click on the Secure PDF or Set Password buttons and set passwords for people who wish to view or edit your document. Creating booklets and handouts from your document are also very useful features for teachers, students, presenters, writers, etc.

2. Convert into editable documents

We often receive PDF documents that we need to modify, so converting these files into editable documents is a very helpful service that saves a lot of time.

First Open the PDF you wish to convert.

pic 3

In the menu bar, you’ll see several conversion options: PDF to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, HTML, and Image. Depending on which of these conversions you need and click on, the dynamic sidebar will open new options for you.

Let’s see how that works for PDF to Image conversion. After clicking on the Image button, the dynamic sidebar that appears on the right will look like this:


You can start with selecting your output type, where you can choose among the most popular image formats: .jpg, .bmp, .png, .tiff and .gif. Similarly, you can decide which pages you want to convert, whether you want them to be “black and white” or not, you can set animation speed, image quality, size in pixels or by DPI resolution, etc.

 3. Convert scanned images and text

PDF Converter Elite is highly regarded for its OCR conversion capabilities. Users are constantly in need of quality scanned image conversion software since there are not many tools that provide this service. Converting scanned document into Word or Excel is very smooth and easy with this tool.

Open a scanned JPG, TIFF or BMP file and click on the Convert tab. You’ll see two options in the drop-down menu, Image to Word and Image to Excel.


Click on your desired conversion option and then click the green Convert to Word or Convert to Excel button in the dynamic sidebar.

4. Edit PDF files

Last but not least, editing is probably the most popular and widely used PCE feature. After opening your PDF file and clicking on the Edit button in the menu bar, you’ll see all editing options available in the dynamic sidebar:


Clicking on each of these options will open a new set of choices. For example, if you want to extract some pages from your PDF document, you’ll click on the Extract PDF button and a dialog box will appear:


Here you can choose which pages you want to extract from the document, whether you want to delete them from the PDF file, split them into several files, etc.

As we can see, there’s much to explore and play within PDF Converter Elite. It is a one-stop PDF solution for users who like having professionally managed documents.

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