87 Things You Should Never Do with PC and Internet


Have you been doing some pretty moves on the internet using your PC? Have you been using some sort of shortcut to get some result done? Well, no matter what you may have been doing with your PC and on the Internet, there are plenty of killer steps which you should always avoid in other to keep your PC safe and as well remain safe on the Internet.

Most people today are victims of Internet fraud as a result of some decisions they made while sitting on the PC, some have also lost their personal computers which they spent some good amount of money to buy, just because they were not careful with some things. In this post, I will share with you 87 Things which you should never do with your PC and the Internet.

Internet of things

Never Do With PC & Internet

Let’s see some of them below:

  1. Switching off with a button without shutting down
  2. Turn off while the application is running
  3. Messing with the registry if you are not an expert
  4. NOT using a virus guard
  5. NOT downloading updating OS once a week
  6. NOT updating Virus guard once a day
  7. Using so much third-party tools
  8. Using too much-unwanted software
  9. Deleting a software without uninstalling it
  10. NOT using a registry cleaner
  11. NOT Defragmenting once a week
  12. NOT keeping a Restore point
  13. NOT keeping a Backup for essential files
  14. Using PC without a cooling device
  15. Not clearing Temporary files
  16. Registering at every website
  17. Using the same password at every registering
  18. NOT reading Terms before registering
  19. NOT reading Policies before registering
  20. Using very easy security questions
  21. Using official EMAIL address when registering at sites
  22. Downloading every free thing
  23. Giving true information at registering on unsecured webs
  24. Inserting every CD you obtain
  25. Trusting your friends on CDs
  26. Let autorunning CDs & DVDs
  27. Double-clicking on CDs or USB drives without OPENING
  28. Enabling show SYSTEM files
  29. NOT enabling showing EXTENSIONS
  30. NOT messing with programmers
  31. Comment badly on Famous blogs
  32. Trying to hack GMAIL, YAHOO MAIL or HOTMAIL
  33. Trusting Hackers or Hacking tools
  34. Believe everything on the web
  35. Trying to HACK sites
  36. Downloading software from unsecured websites
  37. Giving CREDIT card number without PAYPAL
  38. Using a CREDIT card at Porn sites and at Sex Chats
  39. Clicking on unsuspecting things on a site
  40. Using the same Internet accessing code
  41. Not keeping 2 ADMINISTRATOR accounts
  42. Giving Passwords from the heart (eg: Pet’s name)
  43. NOT using a Download manager
  44. Not trusting word “FREE”
  45. Giving permission to record I.P. address to sites
  46. Registering on sites which NOT using anti-spam methods
  47. Opening EMAIL with crazy names
  48. Opening EMAILS with “Dear” or “I love you”
  49. Trusting on “[email protected]******.com”
  50. Believe in “You are the 99,999,999 user msg
  51. Trusting Lotteries and giving credit card numbers
  52. Not scanning PC for viruses once a week
  53. Not updating software when updates are available
  54. Killing all huge tasks at Task manager
  55. Using PC while eating or Drinking
  56. Not thinking that every free software are trials
  57. Buying RAMS, VGAs without testing on own PC
  58. Using toothpaste to clean damaged CDs
  59. Buying things of big amounts ( $ *,*** + )
  60. Buying things with big different with Original Publisher’s price
  61. NOT using a UPS
  62. Not using Autosave option on applications
  63. Not saving once 10 Minutes at Applications which not having Autosave
  64. Keeping trust on password banks
  65. Buying every e-book
  66. Cheating on huge companies
  67. Trusting POP UPS
  68. Installing every update on XP
  69. Too much addictive? then not getting out
  70. Clicking on “Click me”, “Don’t click here”
  71. Playing games with minimum requirements
  72. Keeping more than 10 desktop icons
  73. Using too many programmes at startup
  74. Using more than 2 Operating systems
  75. Keeping WEB history
  76. NOT organizing files
  77. Using CDs of Programming friends
  78. Not keeping a BOOT CD
  79. Not having a Friend who expert in computers
  80. Keeping trust on BETA software
  81. Turn off before completely shut down
  82. NOT cleaning Keyboard once a month
  83. NOT using a registry cleaner
  84. Clicking on Folder icon with “.exe” at end
  85. Cheating Google AdSense Programme
  86. NOT checking startup folder before every shutdown
  87. NOT using an undelete tool

Avoiding and adhering to some of the tips above will go a long way in helping you retain the lifespan of your PC and also stay alert and safe on the Internet.

Hope you found this interesting?


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