Compromised security of documents is one of the side-effects of the fast developing internet era. While internet helps convenient sharing and storage of the documents on one hand, it is also one of the root causes for document theft. The increasing nuances in document theft have further made it imperative for the users to think of advanced document security options.

The latest technology development has given rise to PDF (portable document form) file formation and transfer. The PDF file is easy to share on online media and is also made available on various end points to make the information available to customers, but what makes this files easily available to various end users would also make it vulnerable to document breach.

pdf security

Efficient Measures for PDF Security

PDF security is unspoken norm for all organizations and the IT teams are taking possible measures to protect the documents against the possible thefts. One of the easiest ways to protect PDF is to lock it with unique password. Adobe has already provided two password systems for PDF security and these are;

  • User Password or Open Password – When the user enters open password or user password for the file protection then the file would be secured till the password is entered. The dialog box prompting the password access would appear whenever a user would try to access the file. Once the password is entered, the file would be open for viewing, copying, or printing of content. This password may offer security but the level of security is generally low.
  • Owner Password or Permission Password – This password is different from the earlier one in a way that it doesn’t prompt the user to enter the password. The files protected by owner password cannot be printed or one cannot even copy any content from the file. One can also take the security to the next level by allowing the file to be viewed only on screen reader. Permission password allows the user to decide the level of security.

Advanced PDF Security

Apart from Adobe password security options, one can further secure the document with digital signature. The document will open only when authentication is completed with valid digital signature authentication.

For higher document security, encrypt the documents with user selected password to maintain the user privacy. The files encrypted with this unique password may not require any decryption software but the user can connect some server policy with the document to open it only as and when required. This will check any type of unauthorized viewing of the document. The encryption of the document can also decide the number of views, duration of each view, copying, sharing, and editing of the PDF document. Encryption would also help you add the expiry date to the document viewing when it is shared through email or other sharing media.

pdf password protection

Here is an infographic giving information about PDF password protection, the factors and features which one has to look out for before choosing any security software. Your document is your asset, so secure it well to avoid any undue document theft that would disclose the confidential details about you or your company to outside world. Take up the professional help for utmost document security.