With all the data leaks during the last years, privacy became an important part of the digital life. There are tools, which help you providing more privacy in a comfortable way such as the Password Boss. I took a closer look the tool, that provides an easy password management, secure browser and a digital wallet.

Password Boss - Password manager

Installation & first start

After a very uncomplicated installation, you have to set up a master password, that gives you access to the all the data, you’ll save in the Software. Password Boss also gives you a tour through all the important features. Even as a beginner the entry in the software is pretty easy and needs only a few minutes. The wizard of the program also imports the passwords, already stored in your browser and puts them in the safety-container. If you also log on in an account in your normal browser, the software offers to save you data directly in the password safe.

Working with the Password Boss

The main window offers an easy, intuitive handling due to a clear design, where every feature can be found pretty quick. On the navigation bar are functions for secure browsing or safe payment only one klick away. The secure browser for example provides you with an absolutely safe surfing. Therefore it doesn’t have any plugins and clears temp files and cookies, when you close it after surfing the web. It also opens pages defined by you automatically and has a protection against DNS hijacking.

Password Boss Password Manager Cum Digital Wallet

Another Password Boss feature is the Password Generator. The tool detects automatically, when you are creating a new account and offers you a very strong password for the new login. You can also use the generator manually to generate save passwords for your existing accounts. During that process you can choose the length for the password and if you want capitals, digits, etc. in it. After the Password Boss gives you a rating about the security level of every generated password and you can decide, if you want to make it stronger or not.

Nice to have!

In addition to the “normal” scope, the Password Boss brings some more features, who are really nice to have. The integrated “Security Score function” helps you to make all your accounts save, also the one existing for the usage of the password manager. The security score checks for weak and duplicate logins and informs you about the security status with a percent rating. If this is not 100%, just click on it and you will be informed about the weaknesses of your current settings. If you there click on the update feature, the relevant page for the change of the password will be opened automatically. And because the PC isn’t the only platform anymore, where you login to your accounts, there is also an app for mobile devices (iOS, Android) to store passwords there safely – you can easily synchronize it with your Account on the PC. And on the mobile solution you can also use a pin instead of your master password and of course all the features of the PC version.

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Final Verdict

Password Boss is an easy to use password manager with a lot of good features included. It’s not just the easy managing of your logins, it’s also the functions like the digital wallet and the secure browsing, that make the software to a real all rounder for all password issues.