When user tries to create Outlook profile or connect to Microsoft Office 365 mailbox, then a dialog appears, “Trying to connect”. It clearly signifies that client is trying to establish the connection with remote server. However, due to password authentication, there are occasions when a user may not be able to access the Outlook portal and cannot create user profile. This can be ensured when an error message is displayed on the screen and appears as, “The connection to Microsoft Exchange is unavailable. Outlook must be online or connected to complete this action.”

The exact reason for such authentication failure is that system does not remember the recently changed credentials. As soon as the user changes the password, user has to click to enable “Remember My Credentials”. This is because the already written credentials cannot not be overwritten due to factory settings. Therefore, it is necessary to save the credentials after saving them.

MS Outlook password authentication
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Looking for some other way?

If your system is unable to install the MS Outlook updates, then the only option left is to force Outlook to use Windows desktop credentials. To put into effect such changes, it is important for the user to follow these steps:

  1. Click Start -> Control Panel -> Credential Manager.
  2. Try to find the credentials that has Outlook in the same name.
  3. Expand the set of credentials and click Remove from Vault.
  4. Repeat the above step if any other credential is to be added.

Once the credentials are saved, user can access the Outlook and can perfectly create Outlook profile. Consider a situation where user forgot to save the credentials. The question arises, “How user is going to access PST files and other files”?

Accessing PST and OST files without Password Authentication

The condition is – User does not have Outlook password or able to password authentication and wish to access PST and OST files.

To resolve such issue, user must have knowledge of some free tools. Free tools like Kernel PST Viewer and Kernel OST Viewer are well known among users. Such tools provide complete access to OST and PST files. These tools are composed of powerful algorithm that are designed in such a manner that no password authentication is required.

Kernel OST Viewer

Developed and designed by Kernel Data Recovery to access OST files completely. Some features are as follows:

  • Opens corrupt as well as healthy OST files.
  • Supports all formats of MS Outlook.
  • View and opens corresponding attachments, if any.
  • Supports all formats of MS Exchange Server.
  • Efficiently copies and prints TXT and HTML emails.

Download Kernel OST Viewer:

Kernel PST Viewer

 It is a free tool to access PST files in absence of MS Outlook. Since condition is same (we do not have the access password and we need to access PST files). Therefore, user must download this free tool for effective access. The major features of this tool are as follows:

  • Opens corrupt and non-corrupt PST files.
  • Maintains original file hierarchy.
  • Opens email attachments from concerned files.
  • Supports Unicode and ANSI formats.
  • Generates PST file analysis.

Thus, there are two options available:

  1. Either change the settings and allow the system to remember credentials, or
  2. Take assistance from free tool to gain access to PST and OST files.

Download Kernel PST Viewer: