Panasonic G7: The Next Selfie Camera Becomes the Best Camera to Buy


The Panasonic’s GF series cameras are uniquely designed for first timers compact system cameras. Extremely light and the meticulously designed camera, the G7 is light in your pockets and beginner-friendly. It will replace the existing GF6 and is set to command the selfie camera series. With the selfie series of camera going viral, the manufacturer has built-in the compact camera systems that will go straight into the selfie world. Today, the selfies are a big deal now while the camera makers are finding various ways to make the best cameras to buy. The Panasonic G7 sports the latest interchangeable lens to join the Micro Four Thirds ranks. Take a closer look at the other striking features of this best digital camera.

panasonic g7 camera


Panasonic G7 Camera Review

Body and Design

The GF7 sports an angular and classy design than its predecessor, the GF6. Otherwise, both these Panasonic series of compact cameras are best cameras that let you capture amazing quality images and videos. Enhanced with a superb LCD display, the G7 has no viewfinder, and you need to rely solely on the LCD screen for composing shots. One of the best cameras to buy, the G7 features the hands-free selfie mode. Capture yourself and friends with the flipping LCD screen and control your camera as a smart device. Make use of the unique options of Soft Skin, Defocusing and Slimming modes for enhancing and editing the selfie images.

Image Quality and Video Shoot

Equipped with a 16MP Micro Four Thirds sensor, the Panasonic G7 does not feature the same sensor as its predecessors. With an upgraded sensor version and advanced system, the G7 allows high-speed 240fps sensor readout. The autofocus speed and improved processor enables faster and quality performance of this best digital camera. Equipped with a shooting range of 1080p video in the AVCHD format, this amazing camera also lets you shoot MP4 files. You can also find Stop Motion and Time Lapse modes to get more inventive with the videos. The touchscreen display enables you to select your focus point and allows you to use the subject tracking option. The still photographers get 22 Creative Control options including Dynamic Monochrome, Retro, and Toy effects. With a full set of program AE, shutter- and aperture-priority also allows you to shoot raw files for processing later.

Connectivity and Speed

Connectivity is one of the features that is extremely crucial and allows faster transfer and speed. The Panasonic Lumix GF7 is equipped with a built-in Wi-Fi that gives a number of features. Including the ability to connect to a smartphone or tablet running Android, the G7 is surely the best digital camera available online. The new G7 also allows continuous shooting at a decent rate of 5.8fps. With up to 13 shots possible when shooting, this brilliant camera has amazing focus and shutter response. The shot-to-shot times are particularly impressive and tested with the 12-32mm lens.


Whether you are a selfie fan or just a photography enthusiast, you will surely keep your eyes on this fantastic new Panasonic G7. Enhanced with a small scale interchangeable lens, the G7 camera is the best camera to buy. Extremely light and portable, this new camera marvel clout in terms of performance. With an amazing build and affordable price, the G7 is the best buy that will hit the shelves in March this year.


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