Is a Paid Essay Writing Service Great Decision for Students?


Nowadays, the genre of essay is very widely used in schools and universities. Thus, it is very popular among students. A lot of educational establishments use writing an essay as a task to check the creativity of the student, to see whether the person is educated and whether he or she is a communicative person. The genre of essay enables teachers to check whether the students have a lexicon, which is enough for them to feel comfortable in a society when communicating with other people. But a few students are looking for a free essay writing service while others are relying on paid essay writing service for many reasons.

So, the skill of writing readable and interesting essays is very necessary for pupils and students. First of all, we need to admit that the essay gives its author freedom in choosing the structure and words for his or her creation because essay writing involves research on different topics. But still, it must be interesting for the reader and sometimes it is very uneasy to achieve it. When it comes to hiring the best essay writing service, one can choose between paid vs. free essay writing service.

Paid essay writing service benefits

Is Paid Essay Writing Service Worth?

You may save time and effort and use paid papers writing service for preparing a good essay for you. It can be a good option for people who are a bit lazy or too busy to spend their time understanding the intricacies of work in this genre. That is why this article will be for those who decided to find out interesting facts about the essay structure and tricks which they may use writing it and who are also ready to spend some time on this subject because here we will try to understand how to become a good essay writer.

Characteristics and Structure of an Essay

Despite the fact that we are talking here about the genre which doesn’t limit its author with strict borders, the essay still needs to have some characteristics and structure to be understandable for readers.

The Main Characteristics of an Essay-

  • First of all, you need to choose the topic and the main idea for your work. It is a very responsible step because if you take a topic that is interesting only for a narrow group of people, then you’ll always have a risk that your teacher or your targeted reader will not understand it.
  • Secondly, don’t forget that you are going to write in a genre where only your thoughts and experiences will be precious, so do not copy and paste. If you want to refer to other experts’ opinions, you should use citations.
  • Thirdly, while describing your opinions on different topics, try to involve readers in some mental dispute with you, try to achieve the motivational effect, inspire others to think over the main idea of your essay.

The Structure of an Essay


This part shows the main question and rationale for choosing the topic, consisting of groups of components, which are connected logically. When writing this part of an essay, the correct formulation of the question, for which you are going to find the answer in your paper, is of great importance.

The biggest part of an essay is its main part

It will consist of some short thesis and facts to confirm the research. Each argument must be written in a new line. As arguments here, you can use some graphs, charts, and tables. You can refer to different authoritative sources. But here it is important not to forget that you are just showing your own opinion and do not disprove views of others.


This part will contain generalizations and reasoned conclusions on the topic you’ve described.

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Common Mistakes in an Essay Writing

  • Syntactic, morphological, and punctuation mistakes, as well as the incorrect use of words: Check your work very attentively before giving somebody to read it, especially if you want to get a good mark for it;
  • A too-long introduction and a too short main part: Try to use as many arguments as possible to express your thoughts;
  • Too long phrases: Keep in mind that short sentences often produce a greater effect. It is best to use short ones.
  • Overstuffing the text with words from an encyclopedia: Your essay must transfer your thoughts but not force the reader to use an explanatory dictionary to understand what are you talking about.


Taking into account all the above-mentioned tips, we can say that almost everyone can write an essay. However, to do this well, you will need to work hard, or you can ask professionals to do it for you and avoid all that fuss.


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