Paid advertising is an extremely good way to drive more traffic to your website and promote business products and services globally. It helps in increasing business growth, but it can be expensive for your business, if you are not aware about it. It is a risky method to advertise your site. It must be performed correctly to get optimum result. Paid advertisement can help you in building lead generation.

The conversion rate optimization (CRO) or conversion optimization is a method of creating experience for the website and landing page visitors online. It helps in increasing the percentage of visitors to convert them into potential customers with the organizational goal.

Lead generation Paid Advertising

The conversion optimization came in the market to enhance lead generation and improve website’s result. Now, competition is growing day by day and marketers are using new tactics and strategies to beat the other competitors.

Paid Advertising


Paid advertising also helps to increase traffic and revenues to achieve specific goal. There are various websites available in the market, which provide this expensive amenity like Google, Big, Yahoo, etc. The most popular Google’s Adword tool is a great resource to increase traffic with the help of ads, keywords and videos, etc. It is often easier and quicker way to influence customers and build an investment in terms of sale.

The types of paid advertising vary according to what specific goal you choose. Let’s have a look at these types of paid advertisement, which you can choose for your business.

Banner Ads

You can use banner ads for online advertising to attract target audience. It is very common technique that targets those customers who are not actively seeking for something new.

Pay Per Click

This is very famous paid advertising type of technique that is associated with search engines like Google AdWords tool. To drive more traffic, you can use this amenity with social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc. It is an expensive, but most effective way of maximum earning.

Text Link Aids

If you are rendering to increase search engine rankings, you need to consider buying some text link aids. These text links can generate direct traffic for biggest benefit and high ranking.

Sponsored Reviews

Buying sponsored reviews is a good option to kick-start any website. It provides more traffic, back-links as well as RSS subscribers. The most efficient way to attract target audience is “word of mouth” and you can get this facility with sponsored reviews.