How Does Online Trading Work?


The world’s financial market represents a significant entity and one that sees huge volumes of capital traded every single day. Around $5.3 trillion is traded through the forex market alone during each 24-hour period, and this is an incredible sum that’s almost hard to countenance.

Most financial trading is now conducted online, as investors leverage comprehensive brokerage platforms like Oanda to buy and sell assets through a virtual account. You can now trade a diverse range of assets online, whilst accessing real-time news and huge swathes of historical data.

But how exactly does online trading work? We’ll review this in detail below whilst asking what advantage this process offers.

Online trading work

Educate yourself and Sign-up

Whether you choose to trade on or offline, it’s important to remember that knowledge will also be the key weapon in your armory.

This is why it’s imperative that you educate yourself about your chosen market and asset classes, in order to understand any potential pitfalls and the underlying laws that govern price shifts.

You can use books and online articles to learn about your chosen discipline, whilst virtual brokerage platforms themselves are also excellent sources of information and tutorials. Key areas of focus should be fundamental and technical analysis, as this will help you to wade through data sets and spot influential trends.

Then, you should register for an account with your selected broker and look to begin your exciting new journey.

Trade through a Demo Account

Most online trading platforms currently offer a so-called demo account, which simulates markets in real-time and allows individuals to trade using virtual currency.

As a result, it enables investors to bridge the often seismic gap between theoretical knowledge and practical experience, without requiring them to risk their hard-earned capital.

You can usually access this type of account for a period of between three and six months, and this provides an ample opportunity to analyze potential investment vehicles, hone your trading strategy and identify your preferred risk-management measures.

This period of time can be crucial, whilst using a demo account often makes the difference between failed and successful traders.

Trade and Diversify your Portfolio

At this stage, you should be ready to enter the market for real and trade a specific range of assets and marketplaces.

We’d recommend that you start by targeting just one or two markets, as this will afford you a genuine sense of focus and optimize your chances of achieving results.

Over time, however, you can use your online account and the resources of a particular platform to identify new markets and assets. From here, you can then diversify your portfolio and organically manage your risk, affording you a far better chance of achieving consistent financial gains online.


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