6 Awesome Online Tools that Can Help You Manage Your Club


Managing a club can be a tough task, especially if you’re handling a moderately-sized organization full of active members. Just putting an event up can be tedious; if some people get the wrong details, you’re bound to have problems later on. To help you out, we have come up with a list of awesome online tools that can make managing a club a lot easier.

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Amazing Online Tools to Manage A Club

1. Mobile Community App

A feature-rich mobile community app can serve as the backbone of your club. By keeping every member connected, you can reach out to club members even while they’re on the move. Great community apps also feature other essential club management tools included in this list, saving you time and making things even more convenient.

2. Well-Organized Members List

What’s a club if it has trouble keeping track of who’s in or out? Aside from knowing who your members are, a well-organized members list can also give you a quick idea of how far your club has grown over time. The member’s list can also have a separate category for people to sort out new members, regulars, and even the staff.

3. Community Board

A community board is like an all-purpose information hub for your club. Need to make important announcements? Send a general message and put up a sticky thread in the community boards so people can check it out in case they forget later on. You can also assign sub-forums to sort out threads related to different aspects of your club.

4. Dedicated Chat Rooms

In this list of online tools community boards are great for relaying info, but members may also want some real-time group communication and feedback. A dedicated chat room can be a place where you can discuss what’s in store for your club, a good venue for meeting and greeting new members, or simply a place where people can hang out and talk about stuff. Like community boards, chat rooms can also be categorized according to their topic so members know which channel they should join.

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5. Galleries

Every now and then, you may want to share photos or videos of stuff relevant to your club. With a club gallery, you can capture moments from your club events, upload inspirational content, or even put up promotional videos for future events or special announcements. Club members can also share content this way without having to use other content hosting services that are beyond your control.

6. Calendar

Events are a huge part of most clubs, which is why you need something to keep track of them. A calendar provides a quick view of things to come for your club without users having to sift through the list of events or asking other members for the seventh time in a row. An event on the calendar can also be linked to a forum thread or a webpage if members want more details.

In any club, information is key to an effective organization. Proper use of these amazing club management tools can be the difference between a stagnant organization and a thriving club.


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