Online Shopping Tricks to Avail Maximum Discount


All of us love online shopping from your favorite online marketplace or browse a number of different stores to grab the best deal or maximum discount to save more money in your pocket. Saving money is a good habit and everyone will appreciate it. These days online retailers understand your psychology of buying goods so they all are offering discounts and deals to attract customers to become number one online retailer. But if you’re a smart buyer you can understand their strategies and pick the maximum discount with a few tricks. Here’s how?


  1. Understand Dynamic Pricing Trap

Online retailers know what you are browsing on the site when you spend and how much you spend. Also, they look for product demand and other factors to show different prices to different customers. Their website uses sophisticated technology to track your surfing and collect the required data to determine how much you can spend to buy a specific product, you may see a lower price and your friend may see a higher price for the same product as per spending habits.


If you want to play safe and want to pay lower prices each time then don’t forget to erase web browser cookies and log out from your account. Are you using the latest version of the browser? – Then you can use “private” or “incognito” mode to stay safe from dynamic pricing trap.

  1. Leave products in your shopping cart

Yes, this works. If you don’t have an account on the particular store then please create it first and then log in. Browse products which you wish to purchase and add these to the shopping cart and then just sit and relax. Most of the retailers want to sell their products so they will try to close the deal. For the reason, in few coming days, you may receive an email with a discount coupon or an offer for the better price. This trick works for most of the online stores but not for all.


  1. Search for discount coupons and deals

If your favorite store is not sending you coupons or deals after adding items into shopping cart then there is an alternative option. You can search discount coupons and deals on the web. There are many sites which provide exclusive discount coupons and offer best deals for their subscribers.

If you are thinking how I can use these sites to avail discount or deal. Then just open the site and look for available coupons and deals. You may also browse through store list. Suppose you want to buy something for your kids then, for example, you can search for coupons for FirstCry webshop. A list of available coupons and deals will be shown and you may pick your favorite.

  1. Subscribe newsletters and alerts

It does not matter you’re a new or loyal customer. Online retailers want to increase sales. For this, they regularly send the exclusive coupons for single use on your email or mobile number. You may sign up these alerts via different emails and mobile numbers to grab the best offer anytime.

It is best to sign up for all stores where you can find your desired product because this way you can compare deals which may help to negotiate.

  1. Call customer support

Suppose you wish to buy an expensive thing but there is no coupon or deal available but if you’ll ask for customer support to give some discount or deal they’ll definitely assist you to sell the product. Sometimes customer support extends the expired coupon or deal. It is not a sure method but you can try your luck.

  1. Be a follower on social media

If you follow retailers’ Twitter or Facebook updates, as a reward they may give early access to major sales and offer exclusive discounts and deals. It is so because you’re loyal.

  1. Compare in-store and online prices/deals

Prices always different when you compare online and in stores. On your smart device, you can check the online price quickly when purchasing online and then may call the local retailer to know the store price.

Sometimes sales price may be higher but a better deal by some store may let you buy the product comparatively at a lower price.

  1. Compare prices between online stores

On the net, a number of sites offer product price comparison between different online stores. You can take the benefit of them to save maximum.

  1. Use multiple coupons strategically

Some stores are offering coupons for minimum purchase value i.e. if you’ll spend more than Rs 1900 then you can apply a specific coupon to get discount of Rs 200. If you apply this coupon to the purchase of Rs 3999 then you’ll get only Rs 200 off. But to get discount of Rs 400 you can make two orders wisely.

  1. Use smartphone apps

Smartphone apps are now very popular because you can buy any product anywhere anytime. Some online retailers are providing exclusive coupons and offer only for smartphone app users. So you must check for such kind of discount offers and deals too.


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