How Can an Online English Teacher Help You Achieve Complete Fluency from the Comforts of Your Home?


Find a reliable online English teacher: I want to tell you about a place that offers you the advantage of choosing from a verified list of online English teachers on who will build your English vocabulary right from the basics till you gain complete command over the language including idioms, phrases, and colloquialisms. Additionally, you will receive one-to-one coaching over Skype (should you prefer) on communication skills, general etiquette and the cultural aspects of the Queen’s language.

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With over 1 billion people learning English online and a number of online English teacher directories to choose from it can be a daunting task to select a reliable teacher. We will try to help you. First, let us take you through the merits of studying English online.

Why study English online?

In today’s world, English is an indispensable language. It is the main transaction language for most of the businesses. For people who are not native speakers or relevantly fluent in English, it can be a tough experience to get things done in the global arena.

Nowadays we have a great number of facilities to learn English in the comfort of our own office/home setting. This enables us to set our own pace, get individual attention and measurable outputs within a short period of time.

Where to find an Online English teacher?

Here is a step-by-step guide to ascertain whether you have found the ideal online English teacher:

1. Is your teacher a certified ESL professional?

In addition to the Bachelor’s Degree, which online teachers are required to have, you should also check if your teacher is a certified ESL professional. This course is especially aimed at non-native learners of English. You should also check if your teacher has taken courses on online classroom teaching. This will ensure that your teacher is academically well-equipped to handle your requirements.

2. Is your teacher available online at the specified classroom timings?

While hard and fast punctuality is not definite criteria, because you and your teacher both are communicating from your own settings; your teacher should definitely be available for each planned classroom session. Any notice for cancellation or change in timings should be communicated well in advance. If your teacher is responsive even after your classroom timings, it is an added bonus.

3. Does your teacher entertain your queries during the session and after it?

This factor is in close correlation with the above question. Even if your teacher is available frequently, he/she should encourage you to explore various facets of English (relevant to your lessons and occasionally other general questions), otherwise, your classroom sessions will not be effective.

4. Does your teacher use infographics and real-life examples to illustrate the topics being taught?

idioms for food


When you study English online, it is essential that the sessions are fun. Creative teachers are bound to make their students learn faster and with lasting impressions.

5. How often does your teacher encourage you to speak during the sessions?

To ensure that your pronunciation and accent are correct, your teacher should encourage you to prepare short speeches or conversation exchanges that you speak out aloud over the Skype call.

6. Do you look forward to your online classroom sessions?

If your answer to the above question is affirmative, you will definitely look forward to your daily dose of English. If you find yourself avoiding to pay for sessions, it is time to consider changing your online English teacher.

7. Do your classroom lessons help you in the real world?

If you find that your awkwardness in dealing with native English speakers is decreasing by the day, you should know that your teacher is a keeper!

8. Does your teacher set targets, evaluate your progress and give you an overview of the lesson plans of the course that you are taking?

It is very easy to become complacent with knowing a few basic English aspects and losing track of your progress if your teacher is not attentive enough. If your teacher involves you by asking your purpose in learning English, sets definite goals and conducts regular written and oral tests, you are definitely in good hands.

9. Does your teacher give you homework?

Everybody finds homework boring. But if your teacher gives you reading/watching assignments that you enjoy, you will find that learning English (even with homework) is actually an interesting activity.

10. Are you getting value for the money that you are paying for each session?

Money is an important aspect of deciding whether you have hired the right teacher. Of course, certified and more educated teachers will charge higher rates as compared to self-trained teachers, you will have to scan the testimonials to find if the teacher’s classes are worth enrolling for.

Now that you have the required pointers to find your online English teacher, login to and search your English ‘guru’; who will set you on the path to realizing your dreams in the competitive native-speaking English world!


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