The spurt in the online shopping trend has engendered a boom in the online retailing industry. As a result, eCommere has become the epicenter of today’s business sphere and has gradually started replacing brick and mortars. The gigantic rise of eCommerce development has had a positive impact on many industries and the online clothing industry is one of the biggest beneficiaries.

But with online clothing stores galore, carving a niche for your own clothing store business and driving in traffic will be a challenging task. Even marketing strategies like aggressive promotion do no good to your online clothing store in the long run.

online clothing store with magento

Then how do I drive more traffic to my online clothing store?

The best solution will be to choose a platform that will be beneficial to your online clothing store. When it comes to choosing a platform, a dilemma arises as there are many open source content management systems for developing eCommerce clothing websites. You need to pick out the appropriate one by weighing the cost and functional advantages.

On that note, based on an extensive research, we have arrived at the conclusion that Magento is certainly the best platform for building your online eCommerce clothing store. In this blog, we postulate

the windfall gain you receive by using Magento for creating your online clothing store. Let’s explore the contribution of Magento towards the success of your clothing store business

Saves a huge chunk of your investment

Magento comes in two editions namely community and enterprise. Out of these two, the community edition is absolutely free, very easy to customize and comes with an array of sales-boosting extensions. However, you need to have the technical expertise to harness the full potential of community edition for developing your online clothing store. If you have the expertise then you can save a huge sum of your money and channelize it towards other aspects of your clothing store.

Gives the option of transforming your online clothing store into an online clothing marketplace

Have you ever imagined of constructing an Amazon-like website exclusively for clothing accessories? Magento enables you to create a multi-vendor online clothing store, where diverse clothing merchants can sell their clothing stuff on your eCommerce clothing website. By this way, you can earn more revenue through commissions from the clothing merchants. Even the risk involved in online clothing marketplace is very minimal.

Offers revenue generating extensions for your clothing store

One of the best aspects of Magento is that you get innumerable extensions that will be pivotal in attracting your customers and improving the business prospects of your clothing store. Google analytics extension offers you deeper insights into your clothing store’s sales by giving reports about the most visited accessories and website traffic details on a timely basis. Using Daily deals extension you can create a separate window for showcasing discounted clothes exclusively and persuade customers instantly. There are many such extensions.

Helps to impress your customer & catalyze your eCommerce clothing store’s conversion rates

A customer’s biggest turn off will be the time-consuming registration and checkout process. In fact, such mundane processes are the prime reason behind shopping cart abandonment. Using Magento, you can get away from these rituals. The Social log in extension allows the customers to register and sign in using their social networking accounts. Hence registration takes place in a few minutes. The same holds good for the checkout process. The one step checkout extension displays a crisp check out form to the customers, thereby quickening the checkout process.

Customer-centric features help to expand your clothing empire globally

The USP of Magento is its customer friendliness and security. Magento comes with an integrated shopping cart. Hence your customers’ credit/debit card credentials cannot be stolen, when they proceed to checkout. Further, you can integrate any payment gateway to your clothing store. You can also woo your customers by playing the nativity card. Yes, Magento gives you the provision to make your eCommerce clothing store multilingual.

Betters your clothing store’s visibility in search engines

Magento is a search engine friendly and improves your page ranking in search engines. It helps you create a search engine friendly canonical and redirect URLs. It gives you the complete control while creating meta tags for a page, product, and respective categories. Further, it dynamically generates XML sitemaps and provides you with privacy options to prevent others from viewing your clothing store’s sitemap details.

Expands the reach of your online clothing store and augments your client base

With over 40% of traffic originating from mobile devices, enabling your eCommerce clothing store to be mobile friendly is very important. In Magento, the default theme is built using responsive web design principles. Hence you will be able to enhance your customer tally as your online clothing store offers an optimal viewing experience when viewed through any mobile device.( Smartphones, tablet devices, etc.)

From the aforementioned points, it is quite evident that Magento plays a vital role in propelling your online clothing business to success. Now migrate your online clothing store to Magento and gain a competitive edge.


  1. Thanks to publishing such a helpful post regarding start an Online Clothing Store, I’ve recently started my Own Clothing store in Magento platform. And these guidelines are very useful for me.


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