9 Online Business Ideas for Beginners

Lucky for us, we live in times of possibility. Thanks to digitalization and globalization, we can learn online, meet new people, acquire digital skills, find information, and even make money online. There are many possibilities and easy-to-start online business ideas, but the problem is that few people use them. The reason behind this is the hard work, motivation, and stubbornness that most people lack. Therefore, only those with these traits succeed.

Nevertheless, this shouldn’t stop you. All you need to start earning money online is the curiosity to take the first step, learn about the methods of making money, and dedicate some time to try everything yourself. In time, curiosity might lead to motivation to climb higher and earn more. With this attitude, you might start working harder, longer hours, and feeling amazing knowing you’re pursuing your vision or goals. All this might happen, but you’ll never know if you don’t try everything yourself. Even if you fail, you can always try again by finding an answer: why did you fail? To get you started, here’s a list of 6 online businesses you can start as a beginner.

Easy-to-start Online Business Ideas

1. Online Store

If you ever want to make your online store, now is the best time since there are many digital tools and guides on doing everything. Moreover, you can start your online store for free using a drop-shipping method. By using this method, you sell products you don’t physically have, but once you get an order from your customer, you make the same order, but for a cheaper price from your supplier. You can start something as simple as an online t-shirt store with funny memes, slogans, or good-looking designs. Moreover, you can even browse different free t-shirt templates that match your idea. All you need to start is a free WooCommerce with an attractive theme, a few plugins installed, like order forms so you can get paid, and a marketing plan.

2. Writing a Blog

If you could share something with others, you should consider starting a blog. There are many blogs out there; that’s why monetizing it could be challenging and take some time. Nevertheless, there are a lot of tricks and tips for bringing traffic to your website, and you need to be creative and find a way that works best for you and your niche. Moreover, you can earn money from ads, paid posts from sponsors, links for SEO, or affiliate programs. Niche blogs can make a lot; getting there takes time and effort.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing connects people to products or services and gets a commission if there’s a sale. You can think about this business as getting paid for recommending others to buy a product. There are many ways to do that, like in the example above – starting a blog and having a lot of readers. Other people start YouTube or become influencers on Instagram or other social media. Even if you don’t want to select this approach, you can always hire other blogs, YouTube channels, or influencers on the internet to share your affiliate program with their audiences in hopes of landing a sale and getting paid.

4. Lead Generating

Similarly to affiliate marketing, lead generation is the exact process of connecting the consumer to the product. The difference is how you’re getting paid. With lead generation, you’re getting paid to accumulate a list of people and their contact list who are most likely to buy a specific product or service. So, for example, if you’re gathering leads for an insurance company, you might look for people interested in investing in their well-being in old age.

5. Start an Ad Agency

Before we start, let us calm you down; it’s not as complicated as it seems. There are a lot of different activities you can choose from. You can start running Google or Facebook Ad campaigns, create ad designs, or use influencers on Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter to land a sale for your client. Moreover, if you want to create and manage ad campaigns on Google or Facebook but need to know how there’s a lot of free information online. You can start working for others for free until you feel comfortable charging others.

6. Become a Virtual Assistant

Those people who are relatively successful with their online business are always in need of good virtual assistants. They require people who can manage their social media accounts like Instagram – to write comments and engage with their audience. They also require people who can do the technical work, like fulfilling orders on their online store or updating the store’s information. There are many other tasks virtual assistants could be doing, and the best thing is that you can use this to your advantage to learn from the already successful people so you can start doing your own business. Lastly, virtual assistants could make much money if they have expertise and skills.

7. Freelance Essay Writing

There are tremendous earning opportunities for aspirants wishing to sell their talents and skills in freelance writing. Excellent command over the language, typing skills, and effective communication in the English language are prerequisites to succeed in this domain. There are indeed no constraints on earnings, and many freelance online writers are fully devoted and committed to this area of academic writing. However, a word of caution is also necessary since many scamster essay writing companies neither do justice to their clients nor to unsuspecting writers who produce writings for them in good and genuine faith. Besides, essential criteria regarding freelance essay writers are that they need to provide original, authentic, and unplagiarized writings and need to conform to university regulations regarding essay writing and submissions.

8. Web Designer and Developer

The demands and requirements for genuine web designers and developers are intensely felt. Experienced web designers have ample opportunities to gain exposure, lucrative careers, and business options as this field is growing daily by leaps and bounds. Besides, it is also possible to train other entrepreneurs in their own eCommerce business and help them establish and increase their businesses as much as possible. Highly experienced, qualified, skilled, and competent web designers/developers would never run out of business opportunities.

9. Book Critic and Reviewer

Many online sites regularly need the services of book critics and reviewers to review books, especially new publications. Well-experienced and good reviewers would certainly stand a good chance in this business opportunity, and there are excellent growth prospects. With the knowledge explosion being one of the significant achievements of the Digital Age, enormous gains are perceived to be made by the online publication industry, supported by major writers and authors. Often, book publishers require the help of professional critics and reviewers to evaluate new books, and this profession indeed offers tremendous scope for the right people who could be helpful in this occupation.


It is important to remember that many online business opportunities depend upon individuals’ skill sets, temperament, aptitudes, work preferences, and what they enjoy doing most. As far as online opportunities are concerned, there are plenty abounding and waiting to be selected by global aspirants who wish to make positive contributions to themselves, the community, and the world.

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