New Technology to Beat Back Old Habits

Everybody has habits. Some of them are good. Some of them are bad. Some of them are relatively new. Some of them you’ve probably had for many, many years. If you want to change or adjust some of the bad old habits, in particular, there are some ways that you can use technology to your advantage.

Some old habits that you may want to climb back from include recovering from eating disorders, fighting against addiction, generally becoming more optimistic, and figuring out how to use tech to remind yourself of important events. Being forgetful is a terrible habit!

Beat Back Old Habits with New Technology

Beat back old habits with technology
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Recovering from Eating Disorders

For anyone who has ever suffered from an eating disorder, recovery is painful. It requires changing the causes of the issue and changing concurrent habits while trying to maintain positive motion for the rest of your life. Eating disorders can come in the form of anorexia or bulimia most commonly, but anyone who deals with body dysmorphia of any kind also knows the struggle of trying to find that ideal weight. Technology allows you to research other people who have had similar experiences, and then you can even join support groups via various virtual means.

Fighting Against Addiction

In the fight against addiction, technology can play a broader role. One example, some of the latest addiction recovery techniques involved an in-depth analysis of root causes along with chemical stimulants and inhibitors. Scientists and researchers have developed combinations of behavioral, nutritional, and physical techniques that help you fight against addiction on all the fronts that you’re dealing with. There has never been a time where the number of addiction recovery options has been so opportunistic for so many different types of people.

Becoming More Optimistic

If you find that you’re a pessimistic person, then technology can help you become more optimistic. The simplest way to give an example of this would be that there are tons of applications and websites that offer regular doses of optimism. It might be that a website has a daily affirmation. Or, an application might be able to analyze trends in your self-described moods, and then be able to tell you how to adjust them when you are in states where you have trouble controlling your mindset.

Wearing Your Reminders

The final piece of technology that you can use to get better habits is your cell phone and any wearables that connect to it. You can set up a system of reminders so that every five minutes, you can indicate something if that’s what you need. As long as you schedule things in your calendar and include lists inside your reminder apps on your phone, you never have to forget anything ever again. There’s no excuse anymore for being late for appointments or forgetting to pick up milk from the grocery store. Technology can make you the master of your own memory.

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