New Online Tech Requires New Online Security Measures


Online security measures: New technology and new platforms for communication, expression, education, and professionalism are smashing into the human consciousness at an ever-increasing rate. It’s a progressive sensory overload, but it does come at a little bit of a cost in terms of security. Because there’s so much of an opportunity for us to put ourselves out there publicly, privacy loss comes with the territory.

And especially because of the mobile revolution, we have to pay more attention than ever to things like email, apps, the Cloud, network security, and smart password use. Making sure that we take steps to protect ourselves as individuals and our collective businesses in the online environment is vital to avoid potentially catastrophic personal and professional hacks and information meltdowns.

Online security measures

New Online Security Measures


You think that your email is secure. You think that it’s private. But, that’s not really the case unless there’s some type of end to end encryption on it, and you also deny any potential hacker the easy way in by allowing your password to be found and used to log into your archives. Solutions for email encryption vary right now, but they’ll be getting more concise and powerful in the coming years to prevent issues for private users in the future.


Every time you download an app from an app store, on any operating system platform, there is a chance for a security issue to pop up. Programs have to ask for permission to do certain things, but even then, there are all sorts of known ways that data can get mined and hard drives corrupted by having loose, unsecured code floating around in executable form. Your best bet to prevent this kind of trouble is to keep all of your apps updated (and operating systems checked) every single day.

The Cloud

The Cloud is great until it’s not. It’s so convenient to have all of your pictures, contacts, and potentially even business data archived and synchronized in an external place, but the trouble comes if you find out that the data on your cloud server is not encrypted. That leaves the door wide open to all kinds of security risks.

Network Security

Different networks have different security measures in place. This means the network in your home, at your office, out in public at the mall, and behind a password at your local Starbucks, all have different ways of protecting data flow. If you want to keep your data secure, it has to be running on a secure network.

Smart Password Use

And all the security measures in the world aren’t going to do any good if someone gets ahold of the one password that you use for all of your accounts. Avoid this by using a password manager! That way you can have a different password for every account, but not have to remember what they are, other than the one master unlocking one.


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