A rather shocking tale of economical behaviour came into focus when a Mumbaikar saved Rs. 5000/-. In the era of over-spending your salary and being constantly broke, this individual sets a legendary example for everyone who struggles to save rupees.

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How Mumbaikars Save Rupees 5000/-

On being asked how he achieved this, he replies with a single word, “BillBachao“. This game changing app is making a remarkable impression in the market. It provides complete help in saving money on your phone bills with offers that you can’t resist. Here’s how he saved all that money with the help of BillBachao.

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One of the major hurdles in your path to save rupees is your mobile operator. BillBachao helps you figure out how much data you consumed, how many calls you made and gives you a detailed analysis of your daily usage. This will keep you updated and there won’t be any hidden surprises in the bill at the end of the month.

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Most people suffer from the “Wrong Mobile plan” syndrome. You end up paying for services that you don’t really need. BillBacahao offers a range of affordable and convenient mobile plans which can be selected by the users according to their needs. The process is made simpler by adding operator reviews and Mobile Number portability requests.

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BillBachao comes up with fun interactive games and contests that earns you vouchers and cashback with every recharge. They not only encourage you to save rupees but take you on a fun ride.

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You can accomplish this by just downloading the app and being a part of this legendary trend. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned.

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