Cloud storage service are very popular nowadays, many users may have several cloud drives such as different account in Dropbox, OneDrive, and Google Drive. They may need to transfer files from one to other cloud drives. Then MultCloud free app comes into being, it will help users transfer files across cloud drives and do the centralized management. What’s more better, it is FREE for both personal and business. But if you want to use more features and the unlimited data traffic, you can upgrade to the VIP account.

Multcloud free app

Multcloud Free App to Manage Cloud Services

MultCloud is a free web service that lets you manage multiple cloud storage services under one intuitive dashboard. The service allows you to merge your cloud accounts and handle them via a single dashboard. All you have to do is create a MultCloud account and link your existing cloud drives which include Dropbox,, SugarSync, SkyDrive, Google Drive and AmazonS3 and etc to the service. It supports up to 29 different cloud storage service currently, and will keep adding more choice is future. It has provided the prefect support for various clouds. At the same time, you can handle multiple accounts in one provided by the same service provider. Supposing that you have registered two accounts in Google Drive, it can move files between Google Drives. What’s more, MultCloud has a Google Chrome App. If you are using Google Chrome browser, you could install this extension.

MultCloud is Safe

Maybe someone will doubt if MultCloud free app is safe to use. MultCloud use three methods to ensure the safety of your account and data. First, 256-bit encryption is applied on data transmission. Second, the authorization system of MultCloud is based on OAuth, which is a standard authorization framework that enables third party applications to build up a connection to cloud services without username and password required. Third, users’ data and files will not be saved on MultCloud server. They’ll be still kept in the original cloud drives.

Multcloud apps

Now MultCloud 4.2.0 has released, more practical features added below:

1. Multilanguage adds German and traditional Chinese.
2. Improve Dropbox cloud drive.
3. Improve share feature and add upload & new folder actions in share page.


MultCloud free app has a very easy to use interface, supports a lot of services and it works very fast. If you have multiple clouds, then you can add it to MultCloud to manage and transfer your data between those clouds. Also you can view the data in the cloud drive and upload or download the data to cloud drive. Please note MultCloud does not support to backup the data directly. If you delete the data in MultCloud, it will be deleted permanently. If you need backup tool, you can try their AOMEI Backupper, which is also support to backup or sync files to cloud drive.