msoffice mobile appJust because you conduct all your business on an office computer/laptop does not mean that you should not be mobile and work when traveling, commuting or waiting in a line. That is why it is good to have all necessary software on your smartphone or tablet and one of the most important things is the MS Office suite. Who uses it today, which features are prominent and how close to actual computer experience are these packages?

All around the Platforms

MS Office has been on the market since 1990 and through constant changes, updates and upgrades – just compare its initial looks to today’s and you will notice almost no similarities. It is now present on various platforms and you can run it on Windows Phone, Android and iOS systems. However, it is impossible to single out one of these as the best as all offer more than solid Office experience and it is up to users’ personal preferences which one they will use.

Office is also available for Windows tablets with Windows 8 and these may easily be the closest to what you experience on a laptop. First of all, their screen is the largest and they often include a keyboard, too. Also, while Microsoft works on enhancing experience for users on all platforms, they give an advantage to Windows Mobile.

MS Word

The most important tool for a number of professions, Word is functional, quick and compatible with desktop versions on all three systems.

msoffice excel for mobileWhile there used to be certain issues with Office for iOS, they are behind us. iOS’s Word is as clear and attractive as any other app and even includes some new editing tools. The same goes for Android: it may not work on all devices and phones, but is still nicely designed and does not drain your battery. Also, compatibility and cloud service are great. Finally, Windows Phone also includes both the outline and full-screen reading view, allowing you to focus on the content instead of unnecessary icons.

MS Excel

This is another vital tool which requires high level of clarity and precision, especially with big sheets and documents. While Excel works just fine on all platforms and is functional, there is a problem that may arise with some users no matter which system they use. Especially now when Microsoft has released even more powerful MS Office apps for Windows 10 mobile, which are able to execute even more advanced formulas and functions. So if you plan on getting a Windows phone in near future, make sure you check out some excel courses offered by TP3 in order to use full potential of newly released office 2016 apps.

MS PowerPoint

Again, there are no major objections to PowerPoint – it runs smoothly and bug-free. You can add animations, graphics, shapes and images on Windows Phone and directly project a presentation with Android and iOS. But, if you want to think outside the box and create innovative and inspiring presentations that do not look default, you might want to arm yourself with patience as loading pictures sometimes takes longer.

office365 for mobile devices

In Conclusion

Word, Excel and PowerPoint are the only three tools present in all Office editions and it is good to know that Microsoft is staying updated with new technologies and advances – especially because being able to read documents, edit spreadsheets and make presentations on your mobile is not a luxury, but a must. And as stated before, while the usability itself is on par across platforms, Microsoft’s own platform does have certain advantages. Beginning with giving away Office 365 year long subscriptions to all buyers of Lumia 640/640XL, and now introducing Microsoft Continuum for it’s upcoming Windows 10 platform. Just in short Continuum basically turns your phone into a PC able to cast image to big screens and to connect with mouse and keyboard, making it a perfect businessman’s friend.