The Mobomarket is one of the spectacular android app stores which offer over 500,000 apps and games for the Android users around the world. It launched with a brand new version with multiple new features allowing the mobile users to download the mobile apps and games more easily.

The Mobomarket is consistently improving their service and product. The development team of the Mobomarket remains strived to prepare a better interface, users can easily interact with. In the future, the users will get to see more new features and can take advantage of improved services for downloading games and apps from the Mobomarket.

Mobomarket review

Why you need Mobomarket?

One question that gets up in the each android user’s mind is that while the Google play store is already there, why do we need to go for the Mobomarket? Well, this question is quite obvious. I would love to answer it. Sometimes, such circumstances occur in the Google play while you do not get able to download the apps and users face some errors that are not easy to resolve. Moreover, you must be logged into your Google account to download the app from the Google play store. On the other hand, Mobomarket stands at another side. You can download items from Mobomarket without any registration. Just with one tap, you can download the apps and games from the Mobomarket.

So, from now, whenever you would need to download any app and/or game, just go to Mobomarket and simply download what you want. Mobomarket has so many apps that might not be present in the Google play store.

All the apps are stored on its own server. So, the users do not require to pass through any redirection process.

Few other advantages of Mobomarket over Google play store

  • An additional tool to clean up the junk files on the android system that are not being used anymore.
  • In the Uninstall Manager, manage the installed apps on your Android phone and uninstall the unwanted apps.
  • Moreover, get the exact memory status in the uninstall manager.
  • Mobomarket suggests a list of most trending apps with the latest updates.

Download Mobomarket for PC:

Here is the download link for Mobomarket for PC.

After the download, install the app. There will be showing two icons on your computer screen.

  1. Mobomarket for Android
  2. Mobomarket for iOS

You have to connect your device either with a USB or WiFi. After it, the user can take the backup, do a restore and manage the stored files and folders on the device through the Mobomarket application for PC. Additionally, the apps and games can be easily downloaded from the PC installation of the Mobomarket.

Download Mobomarket for Android:

Download the Mobomarket android app latest version from the below link.

Download MoboMarket Package: Link

After the downloading, open the Mobomarket android app. You will be seeing the main interface having five different menus to explore most of the functionality. The very first option is ‘Discover’ which further breaks down into two options or tabs. First one is ‘Must Have’ tab that contains all the required app for social media, photography, music & videos, lifestyle, games, and many others.

Mobo market package

Another tab is Collection, which is having many useful media applications, games, wallpaper and many more things categorized in different sections.

Unlock your screen

After the Discover, the next menu comes in this row is called Apps, which also contains the apps along with a star rating, size and the number of the download for each of the app. The ‘one touch download’ allows the users to download the apps within the same screen. The most widely used and recommended apps will be shown at the top of the screen that gives an easy means to choose the right app for the phone.

Search camera

Next you come to the Games menu which is categorized further into two tabs. 1. Categories 2. Top charts. In the categories, there are multiple options for the users according to their interest. Tap on the desired category and download whatever you want from the list.

The top chart shows you the top items as per recommendations.
1. Top weekly:
Game toplist

Get the top weekly games list from here.
2. How new:
Game Top List Hot

Download the most liked games from here
3. Highest ranked:
Game Top List Hi Rank

Here the games are categorized according to the rank. The top rated games are listed in the first few positions in the list.

The Mobomarket also offers the wallpaper through its Android app. In the Wallpaper menu, you may download thousands of beautiful wallpapers divided into 5 most popular categories including sport, news, Beauty, Auto, and Entertainment. Tap on the relevant category and download the splendid wallpapers in your device.

The last menu option is the Exclusive. A limited number of games have been placed here. I found no any app in this menu. I was not aware of the basis on which the games’ list has been deployed here. As the option reads Exclusive, it must be an exclusive list of the games for the users.

The tool option is placed in the top-upper-corner of the app interface. It is an integral part of the Mobomarket android app. The very first Clean Now option gets you the power to boost the memory. Tap on this option and set free memory for other uses. Moreover, the update managers show the number of apps to be updated. The user can update the apps directly from here.

Tools Clean Now

The Mobomarket is also having one great option in the Tools usually users do not check that is called Package Manager. With the one click option, it scans for all the broken Apk files in your device and list over the screen. The one click clean removes all these unwanted files.

I was really astonished by getting one very useful and memory saving option in the Tools. There is an option to transfer the files from one device to another. Actually, it is an extension that you have to install explicitly on the device to enable your phone to send and receive the files.

The rest of the options are not of your use. So, leave them as they are.


With a variety of features, I did not see any drawback of this app for the Android device. It offers lots of games and apps to download in a easy way. You can navigate through all the features and experience the functionality. For using any feature, there is no need of any redirection. The user can do the entire task on the same screen.

The Mobomarket app allows you to get the apps, games, and wallpaper as per the user interest.

If you want one stop solution for your Android phone which allows to download and manage the apps and games at the same place, then you should not look for any other app. The Mobomarket is the most relevant and preferable app store that offers to download the apps in the regions where some of the android apps are blocked for the users.