Mobilestore website: Time is the most precious commodity on earth. In today’s fast paced life everything revolves around the proper use of time. People and businesses spend valuable amount of resources in order to make maximum utilization of time.

In the earlier days consumers had to go the retailer’s outlet to check availability of the product and then buy it based on availability. There was a paradigm-shift with the onset of e-commerce or online shopping. Online shopping changed the way consumer shopped and retailers commenced. While online shopping does offer many benefits the time taken for the products to be delivered is always a challenge. To tackle this many online retailers now offer delivery within 24 hours of order placement. However, there are way too many prerequisites for this system to work flawlessly for the end user.

The MobileStore

Very few companies have been able to tackle the issue of extensive waiting period for receiving the product. However, there is one company that has taken up the daunting task of bringing the turnaround time to almost a real-time level. The company being discussed here is one of India’s largest mobile solutions chain; The MobileStore. The company was concerned with growth in popularity of big ecommerce giants taking a huge chunk of the mobile segment sales.

New Model of Express Delivery

The MobileStore has developed a new model of express delivery to change the dynamics of the online shopping. The company aims to provide customers with their ordered product in just 4 working hours. Yes, you heard that right 4 hours on the same day. While many online retailers capitalize on this by charging extra for rush delivery, the MobileStore’s Express Delivery is completely free. Even the biggest e-commerce giants are limited to a 24hours delivery timeframe. The 4 Hours Express delivery is a first in the mobile phone retailing sector. The company has worked tirelessly to optimize logistic facilities and facilitate rapid delivery of mobile phones and other devices.

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MobileStore Website Retail Outlets

The buyers have to merely check the availability of the Express Delivery in their area by entering their pin code. If the option is available, the buyers can either have the product delivered to their address or schedule a pick up from one the many MobileStore retail outlets. The MobileStore currently has over 700 outlets across 150 cities; covering virtually every major town in every state across India. Online buyer can make use of the MobileStore’s large network of retail outlets. The customer benefits in two ways with the Express Deliver option. They get the best of both worlds competitive pricing of online stores and immediate delivery of products offered by retail outlets.

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This approach by the company is sure to make some serious waves in the e-commerce industry. The MobileStore has pioneered a system that is set to revolutionize mobile buyers across India. The service is already available to shoppers. You can check out all details about on MobileStore website.