Mobile Payments: A New Trend in the Making


We’re so used to making credit card payments whenever we shop online. According to studies by Rutgers Online, services such as Swipe and PayPal are making it very easy for even home businesses to accept credit card payments online. As the eCommerce trend shifts from online shopping to mobile shopping, however, the need for better credit card and mobile payment options is rising. Top brands are taking advantage of newer mobile payment methods to make shopping even more pleasant.

Newer Mobile Payment Methods

Starbucks, for example, now lets you pay for your coffee from your smartphone. There is no need to pull out your credit card despite the fact that Starbucks transactions are actually for offline purchases. Other brands and some of the best online stores are offering newer ways to pay for the things you buy.

Aside from PayPal and Swipe, newer payment solutions like Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are also being used by more businesses. To find out more about this new trend in the making, check out the infographic below.

Credit Cards and Mobile Payments

Rutgers Online:

Credit Cards and Mobile Payments: What Your Business Needs to Know for Now and the Near Future was created by Rutgers Online.


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