Avoid Making Mistakes while Designing Mobile Apps


It’s good that your mobile application can be accessed through all the major platforms. This makes your app more popular and of course welcoming. A well-planned digital strategy is the next step to make the users aware of its existence. But creating an application involves a lot of thoughts, which include designing the structure to its functionalities; even one has to keep in mind the user experience as well. Skipping any of these crucial elements would be a major mistake. Here is a list of messy obstacles that are often made by organization along with solution to overcome the flaws.

Avoid mistakes - Mobile app design

Do you have Flow Map?
That you have decided to create an application is a great idea but ignoring a flow map is not at all acceptable. To start-off without a plan makes no sense as it can create confusion forcing your customers to avoid the app. Hence, even before developing the wireframes and designs, get the flow map ready. Even if the application is simple, a flow map is still crucial to explain the navigational structure.

Does your designer coordinate with developer?
The coordination between designer and developer is important. A design can get life only after it gets technically developed that can take a few hours or a few days. Design should neither dictate the functionality nor should it be over-defined. Designers cannot take any decision while creating an app all by their own. For instance, if a search box has been designed to give live results whenever user types something; implementation the process required the support of the developer.

Do you care about user experience?
Developers are often found to create a clutter mobile app design in order to provide the users an easy access to everything. But this can have a detrimental effect as the images and text overlap leaving a negative impact. So, if you do not resolve this issue, users are bound to leave or delete the application due to confusion.

If you want to overcome this issue, always do a preview on the actual devices to check how the design appears. App navigation is important to impress users. Moreover, mobile screen is not similar to the desktop; you need to be critical about the size of the images and font. Do not ignore the width of a fingertip and create the design of the buttons that can be tapped easily by the users. There are some applications, which fail to meet up the tap target and hence turned out to be an unfriendly one, averting customers from purchasing or downloading.

So, never mess with user experiences as that can harm the success of any app.

Does your app take too much time to load?
If your app is taking too much time to load, it can have a detrimental impact on the users. They can consider it malfunctioning.

In order to deal with this problem integrate an animation or loading indicators rather than keeping the screen blank. This will make the users understand that the application is working. You can even design a progress indicator to make the app more user-friendly. However, if you have decided to include an animation, make it sure it is quick and subtle. Usually, it takes time to load that further delays the process. So, if you want your users to wait, the animation should be appealing enough.

Does high density image is an issue?
These days most of the mobiles come with a large display screen and to enhance the user experience, the images are usually of high density.Definitely that gives an amazing feeling to the users. But the intention to fit more into an interface can be a problem. This can over-stuff an interface and make the navigation difficult. Moreover, excessive file size leads to increase in the loading time and many other issues.

So, when you are opting for mobile app development in Philadelphia or any other area, preview all your work on the actual device.

These are some of the mistakes that can push your mobile application behind the race. It is suggested to opt for usability test and check how your app is performing. Considers each and every matter carefully and avoid the designing and development errors.


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