Do you fancy the Windows OS for PCs and you’d like to make the upgrade? Do you have a company eager to try new technologies and be updated to the most recent tools and gadgets? Well then you might want to consider migrating to Windows 10; but before you get started, let’s assess some facts and considerations.

windows 10 os

Faster work pace

Today’s most advanced operating systems are state of the art. Very few people can understand these, and even fewer can operate them. Currently, nearly all companies use Windows 7, which was initially launched back in 2009. It looks like they’re just not interested in trying out Windows 8, which arrived in 2012. That should make us wonder – why aren’t companies interested in an upgrade?

What’s even more astounding is that companies purchasing new PCs with preinstalled Windows 8 make a downgrade to Windows 7. Home users on the other hand, are more receptive when it comes to trying new things; they would take the plunge and try out the new OS.

What’s the deal with Windows 10?

Windows 10 looks a lot better than Windows 8. At a first glimpse, it is easier to handle and more user-friendly. The new OS has just been released on July 29, and possessors of Windows 8 have already been invited to make the upgrade. Things are looking pretty good thus far, and since the arrival of Windows 10 over 5 million people tried it already.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that all companies should upgrade immediately. There’s no rush and before making such an important decision, you are advised to assess things carefully. Experts advise companies to permit the “ecosystem” circling the OS to mature and grow a little bit before the final jump. You are advised to wait until the line of business apps you’re using blend with the new Windows 10. Also, you will need to teach employees how to make the most of the system.

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Testing! Testing!

Businesses should spend time testing Windows 1o first. Do it in a controlled manner as this will help you see if you truly like it. You could start testing it yourself first; then ask managers and supervisors to take it for a test drive. There has to be smooth transitioning inside the companies so as to make everyone feel comfortable. Ultimately, ask supervisors and managers to teach employees on how to manage Windows 10. It is important to migrate in advance and not wait for the OS to be fully launched in 2016. A preview will help you understand it better, not to mention that you’ll have a lot of time to learn the tricks.

Great expectations from Windows 10

As opposite to Windows 7 or 8, Windows 10 is more user-friendly as well as more advanced from a lot of perspectives. Large companies are advised to make the transition slower; that’s because nothing happens fast in massive corporations. The delay in full release of Windows 10 is justified. According to niche experts, large companies needed 18 months of remediation and testing work before finally adopting Windows 7 back in 2007. Just to make a comparison, companies with the exact same size will only need 6 months to test Windows 10 and understands all of its features.

windows 10 for all

The current infrastructure is an additional element to take into consideration. Companies currently operating Windows 8 should definitely turn their attention to Windows 10. It won’t be easy and you may even struggle to get the OS at first. However, rest assured that the improvements and advanced are real. Experts estimate that January 2020 will mark the end of Windows 7. Basically, we’re 4.5 years away from using only Windows 8 or 10 to handle smart devices. There’s no pressure especially since the upgrade to Windows 10 is not fully operational yet.

Why should companies give Windows 10 a chance? Because first of all, it is so simple to handle; it is packed with useful improvements and upgrades, and it runs faster. This could mean a lot to a company trying to increase engagement and bottom line. There’s nothing wrong with Windows 7 or 8, but 10 will definitely help you take things further.

By Fredrick Cameron and!