There are various Principles of Marketing Strategies. Marketing is worldwide phenomena. It involves processes to find out what consumer wants. There is Internet Marketing, Social Media Marketing etc. available worldwide. Every business needs it. We will keep in mind that Marketing leads to innovations which ultimately helps the Products and Services of the Firm. Marketers should know that how strong is demand for their Products and Services, then they must create Strategies for their Marketing.

marketing strategy

Top Marketing Strategies

Strategy Before Tactics

Entrepreneurs have to create a Marketing Strategy first, and then build their Marketing activities around this core Strategy. Your Marketing Strategies must begin with what is Essential for your business? And key Points to differentiate from your competitors. Stop trying to do all things to everyone. You should concentrate on small things, create niche for you and your Business as well.

Clarify Business Objectives

You must know the business objectives first, when it comes to Marketing. Each brand needs to formulate their Policies according to its Strategy. Business can be adequately captured by evaluating sales, customer referral, and awareness.

Target Market

Companies have to establish their target market for their Products after Product idea is thoroughly discussed. The Target market is comprised of users or consumers who really appreciate and like particular products. Marketers have to identify which demographic groups find their products appealing. These demographic groups defined by education, income, occupation, age etc. For example, marketers of high end sport utility cars may target people 30 or older and incomes above $ 1000, 00 per year.

Distribution and Advertising

distribution and advertising

Most companies distribute their products on regional basis before going out for nationally or internationally. They must know how their products are selling before expanding their market for the products. Marketers should know well in advance what kind of products is preferred by the consumer of their region, and then through market research and advertisement go further beyond the region.

Market Research

There are main two types of market research – Qualitative and Quantitative Research. Qualitative Research involves working with smaller consumers and their tastes and Preferences; While Quantitative Research involves collecting lot of information using various techniques and other forms of survey. Marketing Department usually combines both researches to the best outcomes.


You have to identify in which area you have to specialize your products. You cannot do all things to all customers. Many Businesses make a mistake of trying to offer too many products or services to too many customers. This is not the right way to earn wealth as it lacks quality of the products. You must be specific and specialize in particular product.


This is the most important strategic marketing principle. Success in business requires a differentiation of some kind at various levels. Your products must be different and better than from your competitors in distinct and various ways.


Once you applied all principles viz. market research, specialization, differentiation etc. to your services and products, then to markets and your customers, you must concentrate on your limited resources. You must have to focus your time, energy, and money on those customers that you have identified will like your products and services at the most.

Marketing Outline

You must create marketing outline- your outline should include your objectives, statements, products and services. It serves as a reference to your marketing efforts. It must define your goals as well as your strategies in order to define what you are trying to achieve with your limited resources.

Consumer Satisfaction

The purpose of marketing strategy is to shape the behavior of Customers and Consumers in such a way that they satisfy their needs. Their behaviors should be conducive to possession, and consumption of the firm’s products. Consumer satisfaction is necessary for every Marketing Strategies.