Why Marketers And Bloggers Need A VPN?


Why a VPN Service? – Marketers and bloggers are, of all people, most prone to cyber attacks and malicious programs. Because the field in which they operate in is big and includes all sorts of people including hackers and cybercriminals, they need to arm themselves with the proper tools so they can operate safely and securely without any hiccups.

VPN Service

Apart from overcoming cybersecurity issues, they also require solutions to bypass censorships and geo-restrictions placed by institutions and governments on content. For research purposes, or for whatever reason, accessing blocked content sometimes becomes a necessity for marketers and bloggers in their research.

Important for Marketers

Marketers also have to face the wrath of having their IP addresses banned on several websites. Marketing anything on the web is no easy task. Those who are not interested in your pitch may feel irritated and demand a ban on you. And unless you secure a workaround for this with the help of the moderator, there is virtually no other way to protect your IP address from getting blocked on that website.

In this scenario, it is necessary that you employ other more efficient ways to operate securely and more conveniently. The best way to overcome the above-mentioned difficulties is to start using a premium VPN service.

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How will a VPN service help you out with your work?

Premium VPN services function by creating new “virtual” network connections to tunnel your existing network traffic through their service, covering it with encryption along the way. Unlike Onion Routing, they also offer the benefit of allowing you to select which ‘exit’ servers you wish to connect to while using their services.

For instance, say you’re connected to your ISP in San Francisco, so your internet traffic will pass through your ISP. But with a VPN connection, you can route your internet traffic through London, Tokyo or Sweden, or any other place in the world. This gives you the added benefit of accessing any content which is unavailable in your country, by virtually changing your online citizenship to a country or city where that content is available.

To summarize, VPNs offer the following benefits to you:

  • End-to-end encryption of your online communications
  • Complete control over which servers you wish to connect to
  • Security against hackers and cybercriminals
  • Access to any blocked websites or services on your network or in your region.

The best VPN service

There are plenty of VPN services available on the web. Not all, however, suit the needs of bloggers and marketers. Therefore, before you decide on which VPN service you wish to subscribe to, it would be better if you perform some checks regarding the service, and whether it fits your needs or not.

The first and foremost thing you need to consider while choosing a VP is whether that service provides you with adequate security or not. An unencrypted VPN is as good as not using a VPN at all. You also need to check whether these services maintain any sets of logs about your online activities.

There are plenty of governments which force VPN services operating in their domain to give them logs of the day-to-day activities of their users. It is, therefore, necessary that you choose a service headquartered in a country that has no or relaxed data retention laws.

Important for Bloggers

Bloggers also need to look for a service that provides exclusive dedicated IPs to their users. A dedicated IP provides bloggers stain free and smooth access to websites. Marketers can also limit any access to their remote servers via a dedicated IPs since no one from anywhere in the world can use this IP address.

The best VPN service of 2019 must also provide access to a number of servers hosted around the world. These would allow access to any geo-blocked or censored content, while also helping out if any particular IP address gets banned on a website.

So whether you wish to use a premium VPN service (to make your life more convenient) or not, the choice is up to you. Given the present state of the world we live in, you are better off taking proactive measures to secure your data and make the most from the opportunities presented to you.


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