How to Market Your New Business on a Tight Budget?


When you first start a new business, the chances are your marketing budget is going to be rather tight. This is even truer if you happen to be starting an at-home business that is meant to provide supplemental income. Chances are you’ll have a very little and tight budget for marketing to play with. The problem is that in order to find customers and clients, marketing is pretty much a necessity.

Tight Budget Marketing Techniques

Adobe spark tight budget marketing

So how can you go ahead and make use of various marketing techniques even if you’re on a tight budget? Let’s take a look.

You are a Graphic Artist

One way you can save on money when it comes to your marketing budget is for you to step into the role of a graphic artist. Hiring a graphic artist, even just for a one-off project, isn’t cheap, so it’s a good idea to find ways you can look after the creative material on your own.

Because so much of today’s marketing tends to focus on social media, you may want to sample the Adobe Spark social media graphics tools. There is no better way to get attention and followers on your social media pages than by posting interesting and relevant graphics. The Spark Post tool features a user-friendly platform that doesn’t require any knowledge of graphics or experience to use. You can combine text with graphics to create some very professional looking results.

You’ll be able to customize the graphics by picking the size and theme, and then adding images and fonts, before printing/sharing/downloading the results.

Get Out and Network

When it comes to the most useful and effective marketing tools out there, networking is usually very high on the list. The great thing about networking is that it’s also free. It literally requires you to get out there, speak to those in the industry, as well as potential customers, and get to know them. Just make sure you are armed with business cards before attending any networking events.

Get Going on an Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing campaigns are another useful marketing tool. They are not only cost-effective but they are also very flexible. They can work well for a variety of businesses, no matter the industry or size of the company, making it something well worth looking into. What is so great about email marketing is that you can actually drive people to your website and increase the traffic on there.

You can use email to market your products/services, special deals and promotions, send out discounts, discuss new product releases, offer useful information, and connect with your clients/customers. One tip to remember with this marketing tool is to stay consistent and keep up with the emails on a regular basis.

Effective Marketing is Possible Even on a Shoestring Budget

These techniques show it is more than possible to enjoy effective marketing tools even on a shoestring or tight budget. No matter what industry your business is in, it’s important to be creative, engaging, consistent, and clear with your marketing message.


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