To have a good life one need to make sure that you belong to those groups of people who want to celebrate their life in full swing. To have fun, one needs not to have restricted age. One of the best way to enjoy the life is to participation in Marathon runs. According to Tracy Luttrell St. Louis believes marathons are fun and always have been.

Though they’re exhaustive, but are fun and helps in overcoming from the obstacles of life. Every year, there are different types of marathon runs takes place in different countries. These events are somewhat unusual and taking part in any of these runs will certainly give you joy. There is no age limit to attend these marathons, and are the best ways to enjoy and prove your energetic life.

Marathon Runs
© Marathon du Medoc

Best Marathon Runs

Some of the best marathon runs are mentioned below:

Marathon du Medoc (Pauillac, France)

Runners in this marathon are given chance to explore the charm of France countryside. This includes the vineyards and loop course. The race also features acrobats, eating cheese and oysters.

Antarctic Ice Marathon (Union Glacier, Antarctica)

Located in Polar region, marathons are almost non-existent. This event here is considered very serious and features both men and women running in the coldest, windiest and driest continent in the world. This not creates fun, but also challenges to run.

Maratona di Roma (Rome, Italy):

Running across historic cities in the world free with buddies, gives enough fun. The stretch includes Tiber river, Piazzas, cobblestone streets and St. Peter’s Basilica.

Why Running?

According to Tracy Luttrell from St. Louis, completing a marathon for long stretches deserves its own category and personal achievement. This also includes undergoing strict diet and training. This is the chance to push your limits way beyond your thoughts. Moreover, completing a marathon also takes your commitment and dedication that will be rewarded handsomely for life long.

Tracy carries her own training logs and latest gear that makes the running much better. She also would like to be personal coach and trusted companion for a greater running for life.

According to her, some people handle running as a science, and other as favourite part of the day. Running a marathon also helps in increasing the networking with other runners, which later helps in forming communities. There are many other benefits the person has when considering running a marathon with others.

You can check out different marathon events that takes place in your country or city. Taking part in such events is nothing less than having fun and making your health best. You need to be prepared with all the required items for marathon that creates enthusiasm to run for the event even after you are retired.