Able2Extract PDF Converter 9 – PDF files have changed the way the business world functions. Teachers, business managers, writers, students, architects, accountants and many other types of business professionals welcome the benefits of using this popular format. It is the best choice for sharing documents (papers, journals, business and legal documents, etc.) since they can be easily opened and viewed on any computing platform including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, mobile platforms such as Android, iPhone, iPad and even iWatch.

Able2Extract 9

Able2Extract PDF Converter 9

Although PDF is a really convenient format to use, it is not easily editable, which can be an essential disadvantage in some cases. However, there are tools that help overcome this problem by converting PDF files into other editable file formats and therefore enable editing or reusing the content from the PDF.

Able2Extract PDF Converter 9 is one of the leading tools for converting PDFs. It is a comprehensive PDF solution that offers a range of conversions from PDF to:

  • MS Office formats including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, and Publisher,
  • Non-Microsoft formats such as AutoCAD, OpenOffice, HTML and more.

Besides converting PDFs, Able2Extract 9 also:

  • Creates,
  • Edits and
  • Secures PDFs.

It is also important to mention that Able2Extract can perform these features on three different platforms: Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Multiple Uses of Able2Extract 9

  1. When dealing with PDF files, one of our biggest concerns is how to make changes in the document without wasting time by retyping it. As we already mentioned, Able2Extract supports conversion to different file types in only a few Here’s how:
  • Run the software and open the PDF file that you want to convert by selecting the “Open” option from the toolbar.

Able2Extract Open File

  • Select the content for conversion, the whole document or just a part of it.

Able2Extract Content Conversion

  • Choose a conversion option from the icons on the toolbar. The content will be transferred into the destination format.

Able2Extract Conversion Option

Some features, such as PDF to Excel, PDF to Publisher, etc. offer further customization options which allow users to tailor the conversion output according to personal needs.

  1. PDF creation is undoubtedly a helpful feature. Creating a PDF is the simplest way to make sure it will be viewable on any platform. Able2Extract generates PDFs from any printable digital format.
  1. The tool also offers minor PDF editing options which can help adjust the document’s information and viewing preferences. Users can also rotate, scale, resize PDF pages, and more.
  1. Security is always important when wanting to save a document from being misused. Able2Extract has an option to secure PDF by applying for password protection.

Regardless of which feature of Able2Extract you need, download the free trial version and try converting, creating, editing and securing PDF files for seven days.