4 Tips to Make An Outsourcing Service Provider A Partner


As a technology-driven sector, Business Process Outsourcing has seen rapid changes in the last decade.  With new opportunities and business ventures, the pace of the change is beyond anyone’s wild imagination.  Over this period, BPO has become a subsection of outsourcing that involves operational contracts of a specific business process to a third-party service.  It also includes business functions such as HR, finance, office outsourcing service and accounting for customer-related services. BPO also has a solid space in the back office outsourcing. At this point, all remarks project management outsourcing providers are ready to take up challenges by addressing client concerns about placing their assignments offshore, thanks to their innovative project management strategies.

Outsourcing Service Provider

Turn Outsourcing Service Provider Into A Partner

Here are a few tips to turn your outsourcing service provider a partner.

1. Set Practical Expectations

It always stands true that when you expect more from others, you are likely to get disappointed.  Most start-ups, out of their excitement springing from their fresh talent, are deeply dedicated to their work and take pride in overdoing things like working overtime, over-committing to clients, over imagining, expecting unrealistic results etc.  When these guys become the clients of outsourcing service partners, they expect the same from them. It is a meaningless thing to disturb your outstanding service provider’s arrangements and schedules just because you would like to work in a different way.

2. Get Rid of Professional Grudges

If you are the kind of businessman who thinks ‘If I can work for more than 14 hours a day, why can’t this BPO team do the same?’, you need to break this thinking pattern as this will only help to damage your partnership.  Most issues in this industry erupt when businessmen expect BPO teams to work more than 12 hours a day just like them.  This leads to unpleasant situations and affects the relationship badly.

3. Respect Their Opinion

At the end of the day, every employee demands and deserves one thing- Respect.  It is always important to respect your outsourcing partner and their opinions as they understand your process inside out.  If you don’t take your outsourcing partner’s opinions into consideration, you will never reach a point of great customer satisfaction.   These are the people who have the knowledge and expertise to lead you to process improvement, increased operational efficiency and customer satisfaction in a cost-effective way.  You should remind yourself that it is their core competency.  Every organization has high and low phases and you should allow some time for them to recuperate from their low phase.   They should be abide by all the SLs and responsive.  You should always ensure to respect their priorities and independence as much as yours. You should keep calm even when things don’t work in your favor because it is the litmus test for any businessman.

4. Integrity And Transparency

It is essential to building trust, integrity and positive attitude with your outsourcing service provider.  It always works in your favor when you are transparent with them. When things are not moving the right direction, you should refrain from demoralizing them.  Instead, you can depend upon facts and figures to face and solve the issues.


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