For those planning to purchase android tablet for sale, it is very important that they are well aware of features and their functions in order to ensure that they select the best available model that meet their particular requirements and needs. You might think it unbelievable that majority of the users do not pay enough attention towards the features like processor, connectivity and display while selecting a tablet for its purchase. Most of them generally go for looks and the size. We shall try to concentrate on the important features now.

Android tablet

This is one of the main features which you should consider at the time of purchasing android tablets meant for sale. This is normally referred as heart of tablet because it has a very significant impact on its performance. The slow processor is more likely to ruin your experience but the fast processor would let you to multitask and also run different applications at the same time. Different options available for the processors are dual or quad core and you should try to purchase the latest models having just released processors which fit your own budget. For gaining better experience, best would be to purchase the tablet which has 1.2 GHz dual core processor using Amazon discount coupons.

Next feature which needs to be focused on is display. While selecting best display, the screen resolution is one of the important things that you should look for and pay attention towards the number of the pixels because it will have effect on the quality of the games, video and the images. On selecting a tablet having higher resolution, it will be possible for you to get crisp and clearer image. Android tablets have the touch screens. Another factor that you need to consider is the type of touch screen that you are looking for. There are two types of touch screens available and capacitive being most responsive. The consumers who like to use stylus, the best will be the resistive screen and the capacitive touch screen is most suited for the consumers who prefer to use their hand for navigating the screen.

This is another factor which has to be considered while purchasing android tablets. The options available for connectivity are 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. In case you opt for 3G or 4G there would not be the requirement for opting for data plan. 3G or 4G connections are faster compared with Wi-Fi and you will be able to download games, movies and music conveniently.  Majority of the consumers these days want to purchase android tablets online because they are in a position to avail exciting offers and attractive deals. This way you will be able to save substantial amount of money. Always compare the cost and coupons at CouponMAMA for getting the appropriate deal. Having adequate knowledge about various features will help you in making the correct choice and buy what you actually need.