6 Local SEO Tips for Your Business


Doing SEO for results from the major search engines is commonplace today. Everyone knows you have to do some SEO in order to get any real attention from the search engines and those who use them. However, it is becoming more and more evident that you need to reach out and focus on those doing local searches. In order for you to really be found online in local search results, you need to keep the following tips in mind.

6 Local SEO Tips

Local Search Engine Optimization

1. Focus on certain locations

To do this, you have to know a little bit about the areas you are considering. If you sell bathing suits, for example, it makes more sense for you to target those living on the coast instead of inland, for example. When you pinpoint locations, you stop wasting time and exert all your efforts on these few locations. That makes you more likely to be very good with these areas.

2. Use the right keywords

These keywords will typically include city or neighborhood information. Just as with regular SEO, you need to think about what people are entering into the search boxes. Think about what you would be searching for. Try a few different keywords and see which work the best.

3.Target location

Make yourself indispensable by adding your target location in your URL and your titles. This can get you a lot of mileage when being ranked by the search engines. Naming yourself “newyorkplumber.info” will get you more attention than “garbaldiplumber.org”.

4. Sign up with directories

There are a lot of directories that are similar to the old paper-based Yellow Pages, not many are as effective business directories as Infoisinfo manages to be in its market; they are great for people who are searching locally. If you are not there, you will not be included and your competition will take that business. Get yourself listed with every directory you can think of.

5. Get listed with the major local sites

That means setting profiles up for yourself on Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp.com, and other sites that cater to those who want to find something through local search. By getting yourself set up on these sites, you not only increase your chance for business but you will get more traffic to your site. You will also get backlinks this way, which will lead to higher rankings for your site. In fact, sometimes your local directory profile will rank higher than your site will!

6. Be patient

Just as you must with regular SEO, take the time to realize that you are just going to have to wait to see results. Do a little every day and trust that you are going to see results. The things you are doing will work, you just have to stick with them and not allow yourself to get discouraged.

The techniques in this article are going to help you not only be found online, but found by those who are local and want what you have to offer. All you must do is use the tips laid out here, and you will see results on a local, as well as grand scale.


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