In the era of internet, live casino platforms are gaining popularity around the globe. They’re offering virtual casino table, but players have the same euphoria like real casino gaming venues. Casino enthusiasts can install and play on their computer or phone either in-browser using flash player.

Live casino platforms

New games and graphics are being launched to enjoy live online casino, the most popular still include Blackjack, Hold’Em, and Roulette. Players can play on the computer table or even lay on the bed. No need to make efforts like dress well and walk out of the home, but still possible to keep fondness of interacting with real people.

Live casino platforms

What is it about?

On a live casino platform, players can play the game at the virtual table. Players can see a real dice getting rolled, cards being dealt and flipped over, and wheels being spun on your device to create an atmosphere. While playing games users genuinely feel the real fun and winnings more legal.

Technology of virtual casino tables

Real casino dealer streams live video feeds using sophisticated video conferencing technology. Live casinos perform all their activities as usual in real time on the webcams. There is no lag what you see because OCR technology make sure which card is being flipped or when a ball lands to avoid discrepancies.

High definition video feeds can be zoom in and out. The sound is also available in HD quality for real-time user experience. A few online casino platforms allow users to interact with another player on the same table if opt premium features. It’s almost impossible to track the location of dealer’s studio from where video feeds are streaming.

How it all works?

Players can place a bet on a virtual table from their user account panel and load a balance to play. On each deal or spin, it is also possible to provide a tip to dealer same as a real casino.

Live online casino experience

The casino table

Other players sit behind a casino table in a real studio and play the game. With the help of latest video streaming technology, a live feed is produced.

How does one play?

Live casino platform includes a table, an online payment wallet, a chat box to interact with dealer and players sitting virtually on the same table. As a multi-platform product, same service (the game) is offered by many operators. This helps to increase the number of players on the same table to provide more realistic experience.

Free and premium, both services are available depending on the unlocked features at the casino table. One can play the same game on a mobile phone but make sure to have a compatible processor and graphics card.

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