Have you ever used Gif to show your passion for life? Or have you ever noticed some social media friends used it on their channel to share their well-being moments? Those Gif pictures are quite lifelike & really show something precious. Gif pictures display successive pictures in milliseconds, which makes it like a small but voiceless movie. For sure, pictures always weigh more than thousands of words. Animated Gif pictures have more impact. It offers more feasible ways to users, allowing them to convey more vivid information into Gif. From this special selection of Video to GIF creator covered in the review, we will take you to have a deep look at one of the most convenient Video to Gif creator – “Video to Gif ”, giving you a hand to easy make video to Gif photo. It is a lightweight software, keeping fast and easy-to-operate features.

Friendly And Concise UI :

gif converter

The user interface of “Video to Gif ” is quite simple. You can simply dragging your video to the interface and then you will finish the loading video phrase. Or you can hit [Load] button from the top of the software interface. Then find your video folder and double click your video to load your video.

Set The Output Gif Picture:

gif croping

It’s easy to set Gif picture by modifying its default settings. You are allowed to select a part of video by defining Start and End cursor position between the green line below the playing time table. To resize Gif picture size is also permitted, you just need to click [Resize]. For Effect, Video to Gif provides 11 different effects for you to select: Emboss, Sharpen, Blur & Noise are the effects which delight us. Also you can use this tool to convert video to other format picture by choosing [Output Format].

All Video Format Supports:

If you have tried this and that video to gif software before, you must be familiar with this situation: Your just installed tool can’t work on a MOV or MP4 video. You might wonder how come it happen and want to avoid it. Video to Gif in this review is a nice alternative to smoothly turn all formats of video to Gif pictures. It applies an advanced video reading technology, which makes it no difficult to get all videos. Its supported formats includes AVI, MPG, MPEG, ASF, WMV, WM, FLV, SWF, RM, RMVB, VOB, MOV, 3GP, M1V, VOB, DVD, MP4, Apple series video format, Samsung series video format and etc.

Take A Look At The Output Gif:

We used this Video to Gif ourselves and make a gif of a part of cartoon “PETER PAN”, the Gif is funny & smooth. Hope you enjoy.

Peter Pan funny gif

If you like this easy tool and want a copy of this software, you can go to Video to Gif homepage to download it.

Video to Gif Landing page: http://video-to-gif.watermark-software.com/

Final Remarks on Video to Gif:

Video to Gif is lightweight, faster than other same tool, which is worthy of trying. It’s a free but with limited features software. Not hard to use.