The smartphone world is witnessing the greatest era of innovations in the field of technology. The app world is coming up with latest applications every day. These apps have given a new life to smartphones and have given an added aid to them. LEO Privacy in one such application that comes with dozens of features adding a new level of security to your smartphone. Your smartphone is totally protected from the prying eyes and malware that might harm your private data. Let us discuss about some of the overwhelming features of LEO Privacy and look how this application safeguards your Android smartphone.

Leo privacy guard

Leo Privacy Best Features –

One Touch Scan

Once you open the app you will be able to see a graphical privacy status scan. The user will be redirected to the Privacy status screen on pressing the scan button. The app will then run a quick scan for the data stored in your smartphones in order detect the problematic data in the smartphone that needs to be considered immediately by adding privacy. The feature works seamlessly to visually display pictures, apps, videos and other data that requires privacy as per the app’s analysis.

Leo privacy status

Application (App) lock

App Lock is a quite handy feature of this app which allows the users to keep their data secured. This means that you can select the apps you want to lock from people who unnecessarily keep browsing your phones. Not just this you can even choose your own style to make sure that no one access your phone without your permission. It offers several innovative options like unknown caller, beauty cover, error and fingerprint scanner that enables you to choose the way you want to keep your apps protected from unwanted users.

Leo privacy app lock


Losing a phone not just means loss of money invested in buying the phone but you also suffer from loss of data which is stored in your phone in the form of pictures, folders, documents, files, audios and videos. The Anti-Theft feature helps protecting your phone in the event of loss or theft. This feature can help you in accurately locating your phone by allowing the app to make use of SMS privileges.
Leo privacy anti theft

Hide Images and Videos

Videos and images are probably the most personal data on one’s smartphone. Be it candid, funny, memorable or personal videos and images, no one wants everyone to have a look on them. Thus, the LEO Privacy makes sure that your personal data remains personal. It offers various top notched features that allow the user to keep their videos and images safe from others. All you have to do is choose the images and videos you wish to hide and then add them on the list of hidden images and videos. However, you can access them anytime you want with the help of an easy access lock.

Leo privacy hide video

Privacy Monitor

These days people are so much into themselves that they might forget to lock their phones every time they access it. For these situations they need an app that can function seamlessly on its own to ensure the security of the phone. The app makes use of a privacy monitor feature that helps it monitor the privacy status of your phone on a continuous basis. You will be also informed regarding the privacy changes that should be incorporated in your phone from time to time.
Leo privacy monitor

Wi-Fi Security

Now-a-days Wi-Fi has become a basic element of every device but then it does bring in some security threats to your device. Using Wi-Fi on phone can attract malwares, viruses and threats towards the phone. This feature will be quite handy as it can safeguard your device from such threats. The feature will continuously monitor the usage of data and Wi-Fi whenever connected as a result of which you can access the complete details regarding Wi-Fi on your phone.

Harass Interception callers

Getting repeated calls from crank calls from strangers is extremely annoying and harassing. Thus, the app enables the users to add the unwanted numbers in the blacklist so as to prevent them from calling you over and over again. The app can even detect interception from unknown numbers and blacklist those numbers so as to avoid unknown calls.

Leo privacy harass inter

Break in alert

We all hate people peeping into our phones and trying to look what we are doing. They might even try to access our phones and even the LEO Privacy application. We would definitely want to know that who is the culprit and the LEO Privacy app makes this task so easy. If anyone tries to access the app and enters a wrong pass code then the break in alert feature will capture the picture of that person automatically. This will help you in knowing who was trying to access your phone and thereby you can keep it safe from them.

leo privacy break in alert

Data usage

Most of us use data plans on our phones so as to stay connected and online every time we come out from the Wi-Fi network. However, there is a limit to data availability and there are many applications on our phone that consumes a lot of data. The data usage feature of the app allows you to control the data usage of every month and apps consuming maximum data. This will help the users allot the available data efficiently for monthly usage. Moreover, you can also obtain information about it from a graphical representation of the data usage pattern.

Battery Usage

Battery is the main issue with all the smartphones. Although some users are satisfied with the performance of their smartphone but others find it very difficult to use the phone for whole day due to the battery backup of the phone. If the battery of your phone has almost drained but you still want your phone to work then you really need to know about the system processes and applications that are consuming much battery of your phone. As a result of this, you can disable several applications which are consuming the battery of your phone unnecessary. You can clear the apps running in background by using the power optimisation feature.

Final Say

LEO Privacy is undoubtedly one of the best apps available on the Google Play Store. There are only a handful of applications which are genuine and actually do what they brag about and LEO Privacy is one from those few apps. Moreover, the app is available for free and you need not pay any charges for using it. So, download this amazing application today and get the benefit of its great features.