Top 9 Areas to Light-Up Your Vehicle Using LED Lights


Looking for ways to customize your ride? Not looking for the average flame sticker to put on the side? Consider adding customized LED lights to your vehicle.

LED (light-emitting diodes) are devices that, when an electrical current is passed through, produce visible light. The heat produced is absorbed into a heat sink, keeping the bulb or other fixtures it is put in from overheating. Basically, this is what regular light bulb does, but it is better.

LED is unique from other types of light, such as incandescent and compact fluorescent, because, when designed well, LED lights are more efficient, durable, versatile, and longer lasting. LEDs focus the light they emit in a specific direction. Other bulbs, such as incandescent and CFL, emit light and heat in all directions, making LED lighting more energy-efficient. It’s no wonder many car companies such as Mercedes and Audi have added LED lights to their premium car models.

LED Lights

LEDs are also small, and they provide unique design opportunities for your car, motorcycle, off-road vehicle, boat, and home. But, we’re talking about tricking out a ride. Here are the top 10 places to light your vehicle:

1. Underbody

Mount an LED kit onto the underbody of your vehicle. This allows for a stylish and unique way to light the road at night.

Kits come in a wide variety of colors and other customizations such as glow, flash patterns, and even sound activated modes. Look for lights that are housed in high impact water resistant acrylic tubes, to ensure your new lights won’t get ruined.

Car led lighting

2. Interior

Interior lighting kits illuminate the areas under your dashboard, seats, and foot wells. Like the underbody kits, the interior kits come in a variety of colors and multicolor.

Customize the light pattern by switching from fade mode to either flashing, strobe light, or color cycle modes. Sound activation mode allows any of the preprogrammed patterns to react to the tempo of the music playing.

Check out this instructional video for installing your own interior LED light kit.

3. Wheel Well

If you’re more of a tires junkie, consider adding lights to the wheel wells of the tires. With all the customizations in a light color and patterns like interior and underbody kits, the lights on your wheel well will look immensely more impressive and cool when you’re speeding down the highway (within the limits, of course).

4. Engine Bay

What about those who like to check out what’s under the hood? If you’re the type of car enthusiast who likes to take their vehicle to car shows or show off what you’ve got, give your engine bay a modern upgrade by outfitting it with an LED light kit.

5. Grille Light

If you’re looking for something a little more understated, try adding lights to the grille of your car. It adds a hint of flare to the front of your vehicle without distracting other drivers. Also, many models feature the brand logo on the grille of the car, which would be accentuated with LED lights in a variety of colors.

6. Truck Bed and Tailgate

Who says you can only light your cars? The bodies of trucks offer different ways to illuminate the vehicle. Even if you just use your truck for work, lights can be added to the truck bed and truck toolbox. This allows you to work at night and never waste time searching for something.

Lights can also be added to the tailgate, right above the bumper. Tailgate light bars even come complete with running, brake, hazard, and turn signal functions. Some lights include a reverse light function, making sure you will always be seen when backing out.

Light up vehicle

7. On Your Motorcycle

Like other vehicles, motorcycles can be outfitted with lighting strips and flexible tubes. However, due to compact nature of motorcycles, LED pod lights are also available to give your bike’s body a vibrant glow. Either kit design, however, will allow you to make specific customizations.

Added light on a motorcycle will increase its visibility on the road and, in turn, make the driver safer at night.

8. On Your Off-Road Vehicle or Golf Cart

No ride is too small to trick out, golf carts included. Durable and flexible LED light tubes are available to mount on the underbody of your golf cart. Similar to a motorcycle, the bodies of most four-wheelers or ATVs are exposed, making them perfect for LED illumination.

Tubes and pods can also be equipped with ATVs’ underbodies giving it that extra customized touch when climbing sand dunes or speeding through the mud.

9. Boat Deck and Im 9oknterior

Maybe you’ve got a pair of sea legs. Stand out at the dock by adding an LED boat lighting kit to the interior or deck.  The control boxes included in these kits are waterproof, just like the LED tubes. This way, you can rest assured that there won’t be any problems when you’re cutting waves or jetting across the lake.

Final Thoughts

LED lights are a perfect way to customize your vehicle, especially if you’re looking for a temporary solution. They are easily installed and uninstalled, with only a few minor adjustments to your car’s internal wiring. LED lighting kits include either wireless or wired control panels that allow you to choose how you want your lights to shine, and in what color, for the multi-color kits.


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