We all know that one of the most growing fields is of Mobile apps development and marketing. Few certain elements are responsible for maintaining the shelf life of every mobile app. You cannot just release the Mobile App in the market just for the sake of it. You need to plan and prioritize your goals in order to achieve better results.

Here are some the latest trends in Mobile Apps Marketing that can prove to be extremely beneficial for any mobile app developer and marketer


New Trends in Mobile Apps Marketing:

  • Whenever a person visits an app store to check out for new and latest apps the first thing that he or she notices is the language. For example, people in USA or UK prefer English language but in Asian countries the scenarios are different. Hence, it becomes quite necessary that you localize your apps module according to the country and language requirement. As per the recent estimates it has been found that those who released their apps in the local language witnessed more downloads or visibility as compared to those who did not applied this logic.
  • Once you are ready with you, app you must consider advertising it properly.  Moreover, it is always good to advertise your app in local language because only then more and more people are going to know about your app and the download rate will increase.
  • Once your app released in the app market it is always good to study the download trend and response that you are getting from customers. Moreover, at this time, you can garner feedback related to your app and there are many chances of improvement called as opportunities to improve. It is very much necessary that you should take these feedbacks seriously and take immediate action.
  • One of the most important trends that are catching up is the buzz marketing also called as E marketing. Until few years back, it was normal way of marketing but now the scenario has completely changed, as you need to add glamour and glitz to your marketing styles and themes and make it more attractive. You need to use loads of info graphics, popular ways of marketing and lots of audiovisual content to market your app so that more and more curiosity builds up around your product.
  • One more thing that you need to consider is the inclusion of reviews and feedbacks. Nowadays customers prefer to read the reviews first and then decide to download the apps.

By following all such latest trends one can definitely get good attention and ultimately downloads will increase. Nevertheless, one thing that you need to make sure that the app that you are creating must be error free and is of high quality because only then you will be able to sustain for a longer period of time in this app market that is so dynamic that it keeps on changing every day. It is also a good idea to contact a marketing professional who can help you.

Raj Kumar Mishra is niche writer and blogger. He is currently working for SEO India Agency.