An inseparable component of human life is a computer with an internet connection. You can see that computer users are increasing day by day and so do the virus threats to the computer systems. As a result, an overwhelming number of security software and apps are for people to choose from. Hackers can steal anything and everything from your computer, and this means in your computer all vulnerable data is under constant threat. Your bank account details, photos, other numbers, anything that can make you physically traceable, and make your privacy disclosed, can be done through the sites you visit. Not all users can make the distinction between harmless sites and hacking sites waiting to pounce on you.

Bitdefender Cyber Security System

So you need to choose efficient cyber security software that can make your computer safe from all these threats.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 Tops the List of Security Suites

Choosing the best internet security suite is the way that lets your computer be safe while fighting against all possible threats. Of all, the new Bitdefender Internet Security 2016 is widely considered to be the best choice. There are multiple reasons for this. According to PC Mag, the security offered by this product is best when compared to all others available on the market. The performance is optimal, but its features do not mean that the product is very complicated to use. The ease of use is excellent. There are lots of other accolades the product has received like the Gold Award, which was offered for being the fastest tool.

Bitdefender Internet Security is also much trusted and appreciated by the users. The product offers automatic protection, with a OneClick comprehensive security being provided. No site or app can access your private data online or on your system, thanks to the two-way firewall feature. The internet security suite offers parental control too. This makes it easier for the parents to check what the kids do online and restrict them from accessing explicit content. Parents find this control from Bitdefender quite reliable too.

System Performance is not affected

Most of the users of various internet security suites complain that the products do work, but that they have an impact on their systems. The computers either stop working in the middle of doing something, or their speed becomes slower. With Bitdefender, this is not an issue. The computer speed is not hampered while it keeps cyber threats off bay. Bitdefender has a tool that is discrete and checks for new software and updates from the Windows Update system. This is to ensure optimal safety, because when not updated, even the best system can be of no use. However, Bitdefender takes the right steps to ensure the security of the system. In the tests conducted by various software testing labs, Bitdefender has been given results that it is high performing, reliable and easy to use.

Keeping off any known or unknown malware, is not an easy task, but Bitdefender Antivirus does that meticulously through its products. The two-way firewall is considered to be an excellent option. Also, Bitdefender Internet Security does not ask you questions, which means you have nothing to say about any file getting deleted. If something important can be deleted to ensure system safety, you cannot decide about keeping a copy, for the tool is very straightforward when it comes to deleting infected files. But, for better results, you can also make use of the Windows Firewall.

Bottom Line

Apart from these above features, Bitdefender offers the highest level of cyber security for your system. You can trust the software for keeping your system completely safe from viruses, phishing attacks and malware while using the internet.


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