Rummy game is a 13 cards game that is played throughout the world for fun. You may bet on the cards in your hand and win money for every right move. The Indian Rummy game is bit different from the original game of Rummy. It is one of the best games to earn money in your free time. The game is totally based on luck of the player, but still you need to be tricky to beat your opponent while playing this game. You can even play Rummy online. A number of websites lets you to play and bet on this game of skill. You can easily find a number of free online Rummy games in India to enjoy on your leisure time.

The classic indian rummy

History of Classical Indian Rummy Game

The original Indian Rummy game is a wagering game and is derived from the United States as its is played like a cross between Rummy 500 and Gin Rummy. The number of cards used in Indian Rummy game depends on the number of players playing this game. If you are the fan of Gin Rummy then you will surely love to play Indian Rummy online.

The Rules of Indian Classical Rummy

The Indian Rummy game is generally played with two decks of cards with two jokers. The cards in each of the suit ranks from low to high with Ace, 2, 3, 4, and so on till Jack, Queen, and the King. The Ace can be used as a face card or can also be treated as 1 while making the sets. The values of cards are – Ace (10 Points), and Face Cards (KQJ) 10 points. Let us check out some of the terms and rules for playing the Indian Rummy online.

Draw & Discard

Each player is dealt a hand of 13 cards. There are 2 stacks in addition from which the player can select the cards. Once the player draws one card, he has to get rid of another one. This process is called discarding. The player can draw from either open discarded pile, or from closed un-dealt card. The game can also be dropped before you draw the card.


Table is the place where you play the game of Rummy. One Rummy game is played on single table.

Meld & Show

Each player is given 13 cards for a particular hand. The objective of this Rummy game is to arrange these cards in 4 total groups of 4, 3, 3, and 3. The groups can either be Set or Sequence. Once these groups are made, he/she can submit the cards for the validation in the groups. This action of submitting your cards is called show. The player needs to arrange these cards either in Sequences or Sets for a successful show. The action of assembling the cards in the groups is called as Melding or Meld.

Maximum Points Limit

A player can score a maximum of 80 points in the 13 card rummy game irrespective of the value of cards in his hands.

Wrong Declaration

If the player has declared without making the correct sequence or without fulfilling the objective, he/she will be penalized by 80 points.

First Drop

If the player drops in the very first turn without picking any of the cards from open deck then he/she gets 20 points in the game.

Middle Drop

If the player decides to drop out after his/her first turn then he/she gets a total of 40 points.

Consecutive Misses

If a player has missed his/her three consecutive turns then he/she gets the middle drop and is dropped out of the online Rummy game automatically.

Losing Player with Valid Hand

The player who declares second having a valid hand gets 2 points. So, if you win the online Rummy game against the players who have a valid hand, the players who lose with the valid hands get two points.

Leave Table

You get the middle drop of around 40 points when you leave the table after drawing the card from the closed deck. If you drop or leave the card without making a move then it is counted at first drop and you get 20 points.

How Joker Helps in the Rummy Game?

A card from rest of the deck is selected randomly and it becomes the joker for that specific game. Now, all the cards of the exact rank in any of the suit similar to the joker are also considered as jokers. In addition to that, there will be two cards that will contain the symbol of joker on it.

A Joker is even allowed to be used in the place of any card while you are forming a set or sequence. The player then must ensure that he has a pure sequence without the Joker card for being eligible to use the Joker as stated above.

Also, when the deck joker is open joker then all the ‘As’ are considered to be jokers.

The Last Words

Online Rummy is an entertaining game to be played in your leisure time. You can either play it for free or can even play for cash on different sites. The Indian Rummy online game can be played anytime. There are a number of pro and amateur players available online with whom you can play this fascinating game. So, try your best skills and let us know how you enjoyed the game!